The Spiritual Significance Of Halloween — Get Ready To Celebrate The Cycle Of The New!

The Spiritual Significance Of Halloween — Get Ready To Celebrate The Cycle Of The New!


Halloween or Samhain falls on 31st of October. It is actually the day when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest.

Halloween is all about celebrating the cycle of death and rebirth. The leaves are dying and nature is preparing for the still of winter in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, the dormant buds are preparing for rebirthing themselves.

Halloween — yet another time to ‘shed the old’ but also an opportunity to get closer to spirit. The Universe is always proving its mastery within the little synchronicities we come across.

Death, as well as rebirth, is an important cycle that is constantly seen in nature. It is also something that is mirrored within us.

We are always going through our own process of shedding. Releasing and rebirthing ourselves as we travel along our life journey.

Halloween is a time for honoring the “death” which we have all experienced throughout the year.

It is also a time for making peace. Peace with all the things we have needed to let go of and to celebrate the cycle of the new.

During Pagan times, as soon as the clock ticked over to November 1st, Samhain was celebrated. It has been believed that on 1/11 the spiritual activity was at its highest. One of the reasons for this is the vibration of the date 111.

If we take a look at each number 1 is a pillar, we can see that the middle pillar actually represents the veil and “being stuck” between the two worlds. This veil which is between the dead and living is said to be the thinnest because of the position of the Sun.

If we get back to the symbolism of the three pillars (111), the darkness that falls between the 31st of October and 1st of November, allows us, as well as some other beings, to travel between dimensions. In order to protect themselves from any wandering spirits who could bring them harm, people did the tradition of the jack-o-lanterns and dressing up in costumes arose.

Halloween is really the celebration of Mother Nature.

It is the celebration of the ever-evolving energies which live around us.

As you are maybe familiar with, energy cannot be destroyed. It simply shifts from one form to another. That is exactly what we are called to honor during this sacred time.

During pagan times, at this time of the year, some important rituals have been conducted, in order to celebrate death, the gods, and the spirits, as well as to understand the connectedness of all beings and creatures in this Universe.

Halloween is not something from which we should be afraid.

It is just a time for giving a little extra thought to the face that we are spiritual beings who never die. Instead, we continue to live in different forms and in different ways. Continually, every person recreates itself, through the cycles of life.

No matter what kind of “deaths” you have experienced this year…Whether a death of ideas, loved ones, attitudes, relationships, dreams and so on…Halloween will be the perfect time for you to honor the shift and to honor the new energy welcomed into your life.

Halloween is also a great time for celebrating and remembering loved ones that have actually crossed over. You may do this by lighting a candle, or leaving out their favorite foods, or simply saying a prayer or blessing for them.

The period between the 31st of October and the 1st of November is also a powerful time for strengthening our intuition, as well as for making a connection to the divine and eternal flame within.


[Inspired by Forever Conscious]

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