The Transit of Mars and Uranus is Happening Right Now — Get Ready For An Exciting Shift In Energy!

Transit of Mars and Uranus
This May is definitely a month to remember. It may not have started very eventfully, but things are going to change soon, and they will change big time. ...
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The Funniest (And Most Brutal) Horoscope You Will Ever Read About Your Zodiac Sign.

Zodiac Sign
Keep in mind, this is just for fun. No complaining! # Aries Aries have ramlike eyebrows and smug expressions. They should not be quite so smug because they ...
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Today Jupiter Goes Retrograde — Here’s How It Will Affect each of the Zodiac Signs.

Jupiter Goes Retrograde
Jupiter is considered as the planet of wealth. It symbolizes everything in our lives which is connected with expansion and profit, as well as what includes money. Unluckily, ...
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Lunar Chinese Year: 2018 is the Year of The Dog — Get Ready For Fun-Loving Vibes!

year of the dog
The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar. It is celebrated on February 16th, 2018, which is also the second New Moon of this year. The year before, ...
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Powerful Conjunction of Sun, Venus and Pluto — Get Ready For Positive Changes!

powerful conjunction
The month January is such a busy month in the cosmos. In fact, out of all the months this year, January stands out as being one of the ...
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The First Soul Note of 2018 — A New Year, A New You!

soul note
According to one Cherokee legend, two wolves live inside of us, and they are at war. One of the wolves is evil. It is fear-based and dwells on ...
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First Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in 150 Years Coming This Month.

Total Lunar Eclipse
The first total lunar eclipse of this year comes at the very end of the month, on January 31st. It is going to be a total eclipse that ...
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Jupiter Is Crossing Paths With Mars — Get Ready For A Wonderful New Energy!

Jupiter Is Crossing Paths With Mars
Back in November 2017 the planets Jupiter and Venus crossed their paths in the sky. We were showered with the energy of love and abundance. Now, it is ...
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