2018’s Best Meteor Shower Will Peak Tonight — The Geminids With A Spectacular End-Of-Year Sky Show! 

Geminids meteor shower
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Every year, our planet travels 940 million kilometers in its orbit around the Sun. Over the past years, decades and centuries, comets and asteroids go through the same ...
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June-August 2018: Prepare for a Crazy Summer with Six Planets Going Retrograde.

Six Planets Going Retrograde
This year is a year of building, a year to start creating a solid foundation so that you can manifest the life of your dreams. Since the beginning ...
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How to watch the Quadrantids tonight — the first major meteor shower of 2018!

Quadrantid meteor shower
Tonight, shooting stars will fill the sky, in the first astronomical spectacle of 2018. The annual Quadrantid meteor shower will peak on January 3 and 4, producing as ...
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