Science Says the First Born Child Is the Most Intelligent And Here Is Why.

first born child
According to a new study by Leipzig University, the first born child gets an IQ boost from having to teach their younger siblings. Receiving undivided attention also benefits ...
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Parenting an Indigo Child from an Indigo’s Point of View.

indigo person
WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT A 15-YEAR-OLD INDIGO would be writing an article on parenting? Well, not me, that’s for sure! If you think about it though, it makes ...
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Neuroscience Says: YES, Your Brain Can Really Be On The Same Mental Wavelength as Someone Else’s!

All of us sometimes feel that we are clicked or we are on the same wavelength with someone else. The language that we use every day is full ...
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The 15 Coolest Places Around The World You Are NOT Allowed To Visit.

Forbidden places in the world
There are places in the world that are ‘restricted’ or ‘bound’ in every house and office or institution. Places all around the world that are beyond the prying ...
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The Only Way to Become Amazingly Great at Something.

Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For thisreason mastery demands all of a person. ∼ ...
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15 More Reasons To Travel Every 20-Year-Olds Should Know.

There’s more to just compiling Instagram photos and Facebook snaps of your spontaneous trips. Though piling up stunning travel photos and videos on your social media accounts can ...
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Things That Money Can’t Buy.

things money can't buy
We all daydream about having more money. Oh, the nice things that money can buy, like a beautiful house, designer clothes, splendid jewelry, and maybe even a boat! ...
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5 Reasons Our Brainpower Isn’t Maximizing Workplace Productivity.

Thanks to science, we’ve been able to change the old notion that we are stuck with the brain we are born with. We have managed to replace the ...
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