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Healthy Lifestyle

Tonight Is The Last Full Moon Of The Decade — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

Tonight is the Full Moon and it will certainly be the best and most powerful event of 2019. This period will bring a mixture of energies, in that ...
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11 Powerful Ways to Eliminate Negative Thoughts (and Embrace Positive Thinking).

conquer negative thoughts
Have you ever heard of someone by the name of Negative Nancy? Sometimes, we’ll actually meet her in person, but other times her voice just rings in our ...
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The Five “D’s” Of Success You Want to Achieve in Life To Unleash Your Greatness Within.

So many of us still think of success as a pipe dream. We feel like we are stuck in the job, career, situation, etc., that we are in ...
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Change Your Life by Changing Your Life Story — and Write Any Narrative You Want.

change your life
The biggest challenges of our lives come right before a major change is on the horizon — a job change, getting married, or adopting a new habit. One ...
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The 7 Most Important Things in Life.

important things in life
Even though it’s never too late to change our lives, it’s much better to learn these seven important things in life as young as possible. We all know ...

The Magical New Moon on August 30th Represents New Beginnings.

new beginnings
August 30th is the day when the new moon will rise, and along with it, new beginnings will arrive. Some of you will feel excited by this opportunity ...
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Kids Won’t Say They Have Anxiety, They Say ‘My Stomach Hurts!’

Stomach Hurts
While children are growing and developing, they are experiencing many emotional reactions which they are aware that they are different and even some negative feelings; however, they are ...
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The Brutal Truth Behind Why Empaths Attract Toxic Partners And How To Change That.

empaths attract toxic partners
Empaths love to help others. They’re always trying to see the best in people. They give others the benefit of the doubt, while they also take responsibility for ...
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