Welcome To November’s New Moon Cycle — Here Are 10 Powerful Tips For Using The New Moon To Manifest Fortune & Favor.

new moon cycle
The New Moon’s setting interactions is a mighty way to align our creative cycles, with the larger cycle of nature. All of us are working to a rhythm, ...
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Tonight Is The Hunter’s Full Moon — Get Ready For a Powerful Shift!

hunter's full moon
The past month has been more about resting, contemplating and rejuvenating ourselves. It has also been about letting go of the old to embrace the new that emerges ...
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11 Powerful Ways to Eliminate Negative Thoughts (and Embrace Positive Thinking).

conquer negative thoughts
Have you ever heard of someone by the name of Negative Nancy? Sometimes, we’ll actually meet her in person, but other times her voice just rings in our ...
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Life’s a Dance — Being Happy through Pain.

being happy
At times, life can be very confusing and out of order. Sometimes it feels like you are on a rollercoaster and it’s hard to keep up. You sometimes feel ...
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Just Let Me Love You When It’s Easy and I Will Love You Harder When It’s Not.

let me love you
To Someone So Very Special… No, I am not blind. Neither I am naive or neglecting. I am aware of your flaws, and I don’t deny them. Maybe ...
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The 3 Signs Of Knowing Someone From A Past Life.

The 3 signs of knowing someone from a past life
Theoretically, our souls exist beyond time and space and in order to grow and evolve they need to interact with other souls. Even though we don’t remember we ...
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Fall In Love With the Strong Woman — She Doesn’t Beg, when She Says Goodbye it’s Forever.

the strong woman
This woman is both strong and soft. She has giving hands and a tender heart. She has spread arms and brought comfort and love to empty souls. The ...
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Have you ever said or heard “I love you”? — A Zen master explains what it REALLY means.

i love you
One of the biggest step to take in any relationship is the uttering of the sentence “I love you”. That’s a given. And there are always questions and ...
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