Halley’s Comet Will Bring Meteors To Earth In Tonight’s Orionid Meteor Shower!

orionid meteor shower
One of the best meteor showers of the fall will peak tonight and will streak across the night sky every hour. Since the skies will be clear, people ...
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Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) For Those Who Missed Out This Weekend.

aurora borealis
People from many U.S. states had another good reason to stay up late and spend some time outside this Labor Day weekend – Northern lights. According to the ...
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Multiverse: The Universe We Experience Is Just One Of A Gigantic Number Of Worlds.

Parallel Universes
Parallel universes have excited the minds of many, being imagined famously within the television series Fringe, and tailored as trade worlds for the Butterfly Effect. Howard Wiseman of ...
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Did Aliens Build Machu Picchu? An Ancient Technology Expert Makes Bizarre Claim.

Did Aliens Build Machu Picchu
SCIENCE Uncategorized
Worldwide, there are a lot of ancient structures and monuments. These archaeologically difficult and unbelievable designs also help us a lot in remembering our past. With that, we ...
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Declassified FBI Document Claims Nikola Tesla Was Brought To Earth from Venus.

nikola tesla FBI
According to one letter, Nikola Tesla has successfully invented one device which could be utilized for the so-called Interplanetary Communication. The letter explains that the company Tesla Engineers ...
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Planet-wide Consciousness Raising: Truths About Our World Through an Astronaut’s Eyes.

Seeing stars and thinking about the space may snap a lot of individuals out of the existential crisis, as well as inspire them to have a new view ...
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Are Redheads Descendants Of Neanderthals — Inside the Secret Society of Red.

Redheads Have Genetic Superpowers
Updated 06/21/2019 In the previous version of this story we declared that redheads are actually genetic super heroes because of their pain tolerance compared to people with other hair ...
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The Ursid Meteor Shower adorned by a Full Moon: When and How to Watch the Last Shooting Stars of 2018.

ursid meteor showers
The holidays of this year are in front of us, and they will be much brighter when they come. This Friday and Saturday, we should expect the peak ...
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