The Art of Being Unf*ckwithable — 8 things you should try.

The Art of Being Unf*ckwithable — 8 things you should try.


For certain reasons, in this day and age as a combination, we tend to deal with stupid little things. We don’t pay enough attention to amazing and magical things. We let things which should have no power over us to control everything that we do. This has, to stop. That is a problem. There is a high possibility that you have suffered from it too.

It usually happens when we lose sight of what matters in our life after going through a series of unpleasant events. We tend to give too many fucks to things which should not matter at all. We are far too much what others think, and we let it ruin us. Our lives are ours to live, so we should not stress over things which we cannot change.

Magical things are what matters, despite the fact that they can be dangerous and risky sometimes. Life is too short to waste it on some stupid things, no matter how safe or comfortable they appear to be.

However, what is magical and what is not varies from person to person. Every person has a different psychological reaction to given stimuli. That is why the best place to start learning how to give our time and thoughts for magical stuff instead of things which do not concern us is with ourselves.

If you are a person that gives far too many fucks and we know that most of us are, check out the list below and give these things try:

Art #1: Focus on your shit.

When you are truly honest, there will constantly be people who do not accept you. And in that case, you must be your badass self, without apology. ~ Katie Goodman

Don’t let yourself to get caught up in someone else’s petty shit, because you have your own to deal with. Drama is not all that it is cracked up to be. Live your life and let other people live theirs.

In the crashing plane of an unhealthy culture, a healthy person will place the oxygen mask on themselves first. Oxygen is life. But, metaphorically, oxygen represents health. Becoming healthy is the quickest way to get to the point to where you can distinguish magical things from stupid shit. That is the reason why the lives of so many people crash. Instead of taking care of our health and well-being, we’ll first deal with anything or anyone else. So, let alone become unfuckwithable.

We must focus on our shit before we have a go at other people’s shit. Otherwise, there will be shit everywhere. And once when we get out own shit in order, we might earn the right to help other people with their shit.

We have to make a difference between magical things and stupid problems to decide where all of our attention will go. Being healthy is one of the fastest ways to achieve this progress. So, breathe some fresh air and focus your time and effort on the most important thing – your health.

Art #2: Stop accepting things that you hate. Be who you want to be.

The stronger you become, the more you realize what you really hate in life. Or, at least, the more you become aware of what is unhealthy. Stupid little things tend to be unhealthy. Amazing magical things tend to be healthy. It is very simple. Of course, always take moderation into consideration, which is a cornerstone of health, but, barring anything too extreme, as well as the amazing magical thing is almost always healthy.

The sweet oxygen that you learned how to take by focusing on your health and wellbeing before anything else is going to help you to realize what is healthy and whatnot for you. This also means that you will not have to deal with some things just because all others do. Also, don’t let anyone in this world define you, but define yourself on your own. You are the person that you want to be.

Otherwise, you are going to become drowned in unhealthy by believing that they are healthy just because that is the way things are. Forget about that. From now on, choose health by embracing the things that you really love over accepting what you really hate.

Art #3: When you are stressed out, take a step back and breathe. Leave it all behind and move on.

There are certain reasons why people have a mid-life crisis. There are also reasons why they make a bucket list, or why they say, “Spend your money on experiences rather than things.” All these things point to one thing – how important it is to take the next step?

When someone or something goes on your nerves, don’t bottle your emotions. Take a step back and breathe. Also, remove yourself from the situation and let that person know that they cannot push you around. You are your own worst enemy. Sometimes, you will have to stick up for yourself.

There are periods when you will have to grit your teeth, shrug your shoulders, laugh at your past, embrace the present, stare into the void of the future, as well as leave all behind.

All those stupid problems which have piled up around you in an unhealthy culture should be left behind. All those dead patterns and congealed rage of a profoundly sick society should also be left behind. Leave them behind and move on.

The most important thing will be to learn from them. Accept the fact that your decisions and ignorance have led to the pile of problems that you call a wasted life. But, leave all behind and move on to something that is healthier, maybe a future that will not be so sick and hateful, and less shadowy as well.

Art #4: If there is something that you cannot change, move on. Inhale strength, exhale weakness.

Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past. ~Lily Tomlin

Don’t dwell on the things you have no control over. They serve no purpose in your life. Accept them as they are and move on.

After you focus on your health, figure out what you hate, and move on from your unpleasant past, because it is time for you to breathe and listen to your heart. The deep silence could be louder than your words.

Inhale strength, exhale weakness. Inhale health, exhale ill-health. Inhale reason, exhale ill-reason. Inhale empathy, exhale apathy. Inhale love, exhale hate.

Keep breathing, keep meditating and keep listening to your heart. Your heart is more than pulse and rhythm. It speaks a language which is older than words. Turn into it. Feel it. Also, have a good laugh, as the cosmic joke is ever-looming. Keep on doing it until you can finally feel it and smile.

Art #5: Accept the fact that some things are complete bullshit.

Realizing such things will bring about a sense of freedom which you probably have not felt yet.

The difference between someone that “knows” the path and someone that walks the path is a good sense of humor. It is not all about finding the right answer or getting the designed destination, but rather the humorous journey which will enlighten you. Enlightenment is more about that than it is about some rigidly defined “answer” or destination. That’s why the person who understands that it’s all bullshit is more likely to be enlightened than the one who believes that their bullshit is true.

Everything is about attitude, disposition, as well as asking better questions than searching for better answers.

In fact, what we strongly believe today is going to become obsolete in future. Times go by, and we learn a lot of new things, so we need to accept that we might change our mind about a lot of things.

Otherwise, we may crush after learning that our worldview has now become invalid. That is why we need to have flexible, as well as humorous and open-minded deposition regarding our answers. We would be more likely to shrug our shoulders, as well as have a good laugh at ourselves, and move on with our new knowledge in tow. So, we should laugh at our past knowledge and move on with our new one.

Art #6: If you don’t want to do it, don’t.

If something is making you feel miserable — change it. You do not have to do the things that you hate to do. You can also do some things differently.

The secret is that you are not thrown into the fire, but you are the fire. There are few people who understand this. A lot of people do not have the wherewithal to be fire, as they are too damn busy being moths.

An adult person is just a kid that forgot how not to take itself too seriously. An adult that is in touch with their inner child is more flexibly robust and can handle the vicissitudes of life better than their counterparts. A little humble, playful, humorous, child-like vulnerability is so much more than a lot of rigid, serious, indifferent, adult-like invulnerability!

Art #7: Do not let other people get to you. Be unfuckwithable.

Being truly unfuckwithable, you have to lose your need to seek validation or love from other people, as well as to judge them when you perceive that they are not giving you what you need. ~ Vishen Lakhiani

Some people will try to pull you down from time to time — don’t let them. You are a special person, so they feel inferior to you.

Unfuckwithability is about not being touched by any negativity, as well as drama. It is when you are truly at peace and when you are in touch with yourself. Nothing anyone says or does bothers you, but you genuinely care for a worthy cause. Unfuckwithability can’t be pointed out or taught. It can only be felt.

In fact, you are the only person to discover the magic unique to you by being fully present in the moment and space while doing the things that you really enjoy.

Unfuckwithabiliy is invincible in a vulnerable way just like you are during mindfulness meditation, or in a moment of sincere humor and authentic laughter.

You freed yourself up for greater and greater freedom. Only then you can be free always to win, since making mistakes and losing means gaining knowledge and wisdom. Leaving your cage behind will permit you to walk through the open door of the prison cell filled with your problems.

You will have the mental, physical and spiritual courage to rattle the cages of other people — the door is wide open, and a single step can just set you free from your prison cell.

Art #8: Know your worth.

Every person is a marvelous being, so are you, who deserve so much more in life. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Know your worth!

If you truly want, you can be unfuchwithable. Stop giving so many fucks and be true to yourself. Life is too short to waste it in things that don’t matter.

So, why worrying about stupid, little problems when you can focus on magical things instead?


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