The Art of Manipulation – Here are 5 Clues

The Art of Manipulation – Here are 5 Clues

Finding the right one can be hard if you have low self-confidence or self-worth. Seeing yourself not worthy of love can make you choose a wrong partner. Sometimes you may wonder, “am I being manipulated?”

In fact, it can bring you closer to someone who degrades, manipulates, or hurts you because you think you deserve nothing better.

But, you do deserve better than a toxic partner. Each and every person is worthy of true love and respect. However, emotional abuse can turn you blind to all this, but it’s time to wake up and see the reality.

If your partner behaves in any of the following ways, you better leave them for good ASAP.

1. Gaslighting

When someone gaslights you, they purposefully lie or spin information to make you doubt and question everything.

Gaslighting is a term that comes from a stage play in the 30s. Namely, a husband manipulated elements of the environment in order to make his wife and others believe that she is insane. He did this by convincing that she doesn’t remember correctly, insisting that she is mistaken and delusional when she did notice these changes.

Your partner doesn’t have to do all this to gaslight you. They can do this by shifting the blame on you for everything and making you doubt yourself. In this way, they keep on abusing your trust.

2. Degrading and Demeaning

It’s in an emotional psychopath’s nature to want to bring other people down to make them feel better. That’s because they are broken on the inside, insecure, and with low self-esteem.

So, they are constantly trying to make you feel worthless and break your spirit just so that you think you need them more in your life.

By degrading and demeaning you, they are affecting your thoughts and twisting your reality, making you feel incapable of anything if you’re without them.

3. Shifting the Blame on You

A toxic partner would always put the blame on you as they are not capable of taking responsibility for their poor choices and behaviors.

They may talk about any mutual problem you two are having while saying that it’s your fault and not accepting anything else.

4. Their Crappy Life Is Your Fault

Just like they blame you for any fight or problem you two are facing, they also like to make you think that their personal problems and poor choices in life are because of something that you did or said.

If they have spent all of their money, it’s your fault. If they are aggressive, it’s your fault. If they are not doing well at work, it’s your fault again.

5. Keeping You Away from People That May Figure Out Everything

Emotional psychopaths are aware that they can’t lie or manipulate everyone, so when their partner starts to talk to someone about their relationship, they try to prevent them from realizing what’s really going on.

That’s why they often tell you to stay away from your family or friends. They are afraid that someone will ruin their abusive tendencies.

If your partner is always trying to turn you against your family or friends, know that it’s because they want to keep on manipulating you.


image credit: Jamie Street

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