The Astrological Affects of the New Moon- Awaken Your Ingenuity

The Astrological Affects of the New Moon- Awaken Your Ingenuity

The Astrological affects of the New Moon

The new moon’s cycle around the Earth mirrors people’s life experiences, yet not many people notice the moon until it is full. A lot of people do not even recognize its different phases or what they mean. In the world of astrology, a new moon represents the end of a cycle and the start of something new.

Observing the New Moon

During the full moon phase, the Earth, sun and moon are aligned, with the moon sandwiched between the Earth and the sun. During this phase, the moon moves from 0 to 45 degrees in front of the sun as its visibility eventually increases forming a crescent.

The new moon is a difficult thing to observe because when it is too close to the sun, its visible side does not get illuminated and when the night falls it becomes invisible. During this period, you cannot see the moon’s invisible disc with the naked eye, and with each passing day the tiny crescent becomes larger and takes a more prominent shape. This is called the conjunction or Earth-Moon system.

Effects of a New Moon

The new moon marks a new beginning and it is the perfect time to sow seeds to reap the benefits next month. Since each lunar cycle is 29.5 days long, this is the time to plan to achieve your targets.

For example, if you want to start a new project, plan on having a baby, or change your career paths, now would be the ideal time to go for it.

The new moon possesses signifies a staunch gravitational pull on different elements in our life, including but not restricted to the human body. This is the time most people complain of sleeping troubles and certain zodiac signs are more sensitive to the moon’s phases and its effects.

Some ancient tribes believed in the synchronicity between the lunar and menstrual cycle of a woman. This concept was derived from the fact that most menstrual cycles last 28 days give or take two days, and so does the cycle of the moon.

The New Moon on the 24th of January 2020

The next new moon is to occur on 24th January at 21:42 UTC. It is falling in the zodiac sign of Aquarius and is a special event that will have you energized all month. The new moon in Aquarius tends to boost your curiosity and bring your intellectual desires to the forefront. It gives you heart and the courage to make brave choices and daring decisions. This is also a period of hard work, where you can most certainly look forward to your efforts being rewarded. However, your emotions will be a bit haywire because of the moon in Aquarius that values emotional freedom.

Make sure you surround yourself with the group of people who are supportive and who help you manage your negative feelings like jealousy and fear or anger. This new moon will awaken your prowess of ingenuity and open our minds and hearts to new notions which could result in an expansion of your social circles. This month’s new moon has links to Uranus, which gives us the strength to follow our dreams and make us flexible enough to embrace the new change in our lives.


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