The First Soul Note of 2018 — A New Year, A New You!

The First Soul Note of 2018 — A New Year, A New You!

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According to one Cherokee legend, two wolves live inside of us, and they are at war. One of the wolves is evil. It is fear-based and dwells on want, as well as negativity and scarcity. The other wolf is a good one, and it is love, joy, and peace. Both wolves are desperate to take the lead. So, which of them will win? The answer is quite simple: the one that you feed the most.

January is an ideal month to ask ourselves one fundamental question:

Which of both wolves am I feeding?

If on some level you believe that you are not tapping into your potential, you are correct! At our deepest core, there is a part of us which is unlimited, abundant and without limitation, but our mindset informs us differently.

We genuinely have the capacity of abundance in every area of our life. It is our natural state, but for most of the people, this is not their experience. They tend to be in perpetual state of want, fear, and scarcity and life closes down on them.

Fear, as well as want is an internal state of being, it is not what the universe had to store for us. In fact, it is quite the opposite of this. When you start stepping away from the mindset of want and open up to an unlimited possibility, life will begin meeting you and providing for you.

For the most part, though, we are stuck, and we continue to get those same results over and over again. But, how we can change this?

Where should we start from?

Simply said, you will have to cultivate an abundant mindset. The emotions that we have can be excellent guides as to where our thoughts are and as the Cherokee legend states. We must not feed the fear and want. For example, we should use the power of awareness to discern when we are feeling a certain way. Then, we should allow the emotion to be explored, as after all, what is an emotion? It is energy in motion: e-motion.

With allowing the emotion to be felt, as well as accepted, we are also allowing the energy to move. As the time passes, we begin to feel less stuck and ease, and flows take over. By simply asking ourselves the question “When was the last time I was feeling good?” we will be brought to the present moment where some change is possible.

Challenge yourself to come up with a different thought and then you will be able to make some different choices. Typically the decision is love based, which is opposed to fearing based.

Your abundant state vs. your state of want.

Giving gratitude for just the smallest things can change the thought which can also affect the emotion. When we show an attitude of gratitude, we are energetically aligned with abundance. By practicing, it will become second nature to check in with our emotions and manage our thoughts as well.

Over time, we will be building an abundant mindset, and the universe will start to match our message.

Which of the wolves are you feeding?

For this year, we recommend you to feed the good wolf, but it is your choice which of them you will supply.

Source/Inspired: Astrology Answers.

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