The Healing Power Of Reiki — your Light Within.

The Healing Power Of Reiki — your Light Within.


Reiki is a well-known holistic method of healing which works on our mind, body, as well as our soul. The word is made up of two syllables, ‘Rei’ meaning abundant, universal, or boundless and ‘Ki’ meaning life force, as well as vital energy, and it comes from the Japanese language. So, literally, the word Reiki will mean universal life force.

The entire universe is moving with this life force or also cosmic energy. Every person experiences that energy most of the time, but we do not have the ability to make use of it. And with Reiki, we will learn to tap into the universal energy which dwells within us in the form of our vital force and utilize it for the benefit of other people and ourselves too.

How does this healing method work?

It actually works on the principle that every one of us has the power to heal placed somewhere within us. This is the reason why when we are emotionally and physically hurt, the touch of a loved one will make us feel much better. Before you start the practice, you have to be initiated by a Reiki master.

He or she douses the practitioners within a strong beam of energy which actually dissolves every blockage in the etheric body, and also aligns us with the universal life force. Once when the process is over, the vital force of the practitioner will reconnect with the source energy and we may also accept more energy coming from the cosmos.

Every one of us knows the law of conservation of energy, saying that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but it can change its form.

When we are healing, we actually tap into the universal energy and also transmit it to the intended person with some positive intentions and thoughts.

The energy is also abundant, and it can never run out. For example, when we heal a person, our etheric patches will start dissolving, and the physical illness will resolve along with its cause. It may be given by direct contact at a particular hand position or also from a distance.

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you- all of the expectations, all of the beliefs- and becoming who you are. – Rachel Naomi Remen.

Why should you practice Reiki?

One person explains his first experience with Reiki which happened when he asked a friend that was learning this art in order to relieve strained eyes. His friend asked him to lie down, said a prayer silently, then rubbed her palms together, and gently placed them on his eyes.

The palms of the woman were soothingly warm, and tears started seeping through his closed eyelids because of the relief he felt. She continued healing for about 10 minutes, and the pressure, as well as the strain in his eyes, disappeared. The incident got him interested in the Reiki alternative healing method.

After every student completes the 1st level of Reiki, he or she is required to perform 21-day self-healing that is mandatory.

The process is helpful for new Reiki healers to fulfill their energy prior to healing other people’s energies. In the end, the person we mentioned said that he felt like there has been a light inside of him which sparked positive feelings, as well as made him completely aware of each moment.

Reiki is actually another form of meditation and the more people practice it, the more they will charge their batteries, and just when they are full up to the brim, they will be able to transmit it to other people. Every person can be given Reiki, as long as he or she is prepared to receive it.

Reiki healing powers.

This healing method has excellent healing powers, and it can be utilized for different types of conditions, such as to relieve acute pain, help fasten wound healing, and it is also effective in psychological, as well as emotional conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and so on.

On a pathological level, it should actually not be utilized as a substitute for medicine, but it was actually observed that Reiki healing decreases the duration of treatment and the dose of medicine too. Also, it can help in affirmation, as well as goal manifestation, or in healing some traumas from the past or dissolving bad karma.

Reiki also promotes positivity, and it gives a gentle nudge towards fulfilling goals that are in sync with the wisdom of nature and also brings us closer to the authentic and wonderful self.


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