The Love You Deserve.

The Love You Deserve.

the love you deserve

You deserve someone that gives you the attention you need. And yes, you are worthy, and you should never settle for anything less than the love you deserve. You deserve to feel needed, wanted and craved. You deserve someone that texts the minute they wake up to wish a good morning.

Someone who would share their umbrella with you on a heavy raining day and don’t care if they are half soaked up from the rain.

Such love can only come from a person that thinks about us often, like all the time. You deserve the affection and the appreciation of someone calling you every day to know how you feel or what is that you are doing. Or just to hear your voice.

You deserve to spend your precious time with someone that can make plans with you and someone that imagines the future with you by their side.

You deserve a “definitely” type of a partner—not a “maybe” one.

You deserve someone that could spend their night just watching you sleep and never regret it. You deserve listening to love songs that melt your heart. You deserve a lot of cute forehead kisses and a lot of hugs.

You deserve someone that would challenge you every day to make you a better person. You deserve someone that feels and is not ashamed of showing. Just someone that will no matter what support you and be right there for you. Someone that will lift up your spirit whenever you are feeling down and someone that feeds your self-esteem unselfishly.

Someone that will be so happy and grateful to have you and someone that will make worth every moment you spend together. Someone that looks at you like no one else and someone that shows you how truly beautiful and amazing you are.

You deserve to be someone’s first choice.  

You deserve to be someone’s partner in crime and someone’s shoulder to cry on.

Beautiful girl, you deserve no less than this kind of love.

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