These are the Signs of Being in Love.

These are the Signs of Being in Love.

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Love is this extraordinary and unique feeling that everyone desires to feel in a lifetime. You can’t buy it or borrow it. Love is never your choice. It is this overwhelming sensation that you will know when you feel it. It just happens, and there is no turning back. You will know it when it does, yet to be sure, there are so called “signs” of being in love.

However, love is not always as easy as it sounds. After some time and a few broken hearts, you come to realize that love is series of choices. And these choices are based on many factors, based on our hopes and desires, our plans for the future, our inelegance and overall our priorities. The list of the depending factors is never ending and based on those we choose if we are either going to start the process of falling in love or decide not to let ourselves get carried away. With time, even love becomes a choice.

If we choose to let our guards down and start loving, our perspective is going to change a lot. We start feeling even the smallest things, and we become gentle and caring. But there will be turbulences. We will fight, we will be disappointed and sad, but these are all the ultimate signs of being in love.

If these fights grow bigger and happen more often, we start wondering if we ever made the right choice, or if it’s worth all the trouble? In these moments we make a choice: are we going to continue fighting or we are going to step back and stop forcing things.

It’s a choice of being stronger or just give up.

Is the destination more important rather than the journey itself?

In such times, one will realize that love, true love, is making choices every single day.

It is that simple. Those are the signs of being in love. It is the choice to continue and proceed, to fight and to never quit.

At the end of the day, what really matters is what we choose, and not what we feel. We can choose to leave someone even though we are madly in love with them, just because things didn’t work out. This is a very conscious choice and a decision that can cost us a lifetime and our future.

Loving can be difficult because we need to make an effort to do something more than buying flowers. Sometimes we need to put our needs and wants aside. Loving can sometimes be really smooth and easy, and yet sometimes it feels and hurts like hell. However, at the end of the day, to love or not to, is always a choice.

And with consistently choosing to proceed, to keep loving, is when love deepens. These are the signs of being in love — when one is capable of being constant.

So you may ask now, how do I know if it’s real love? How do I know if it’s the kind of love worth fighting for? But these are not the real questions. You need to decide if you are going to let yourself love this person. Ask yourself if you are going to fight through anything for this person. And then you will know. If the answer is yes and you are feeling brave and motivated, then you are in love.

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