Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Motivation?

Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Motivation?

The Sound Of Motivation

Motivation is the reasons behind why we react or behave in a certain way. The word is derived from the word motivate. Drives within every individual may not be the same as someone else’s. Each person has their own drive because we are all unique.

1. Types of Motivation.

We have two types of motivation that influence us. The first type of is known as Intrinsic Motivation. This is the type that comes from within. The second type of motivation is known as Extrinsic. This is the type of motivation that comes from the outside.

Intrinsic Motivation Example.

As a runner, I am motivated each morning to get up. I look forward to getting outside and running for a few hours because it makes me feel great and I know it is healthy for me. The reward I am getting is coming from within because it makes me feel great.

Extrinsic Motivation Example.

I love my job and enjoy when I get chosen as the employee of the month. It also feels good when we complete any task and earn a reward for it. The task can be anything from mowing the lawn for a neighbor to getting praise from the elder neighbor that you just baked cookies for. Extrinsic Motivation comes from the outside rather than from within ourselves.

2. Finding Motivation.

There are just times when we are not motivated to do anything. Our motivation can be squashed at times due to stress, depression, illness, and other factors. We can rest assured because there are things that we can do to be able to help find that lost desire.

Let’s face it, telling a person to find some motivation is like telling a dead plant to grow. It just won’t happen.

Here is an excellent example of getting that motivation that we tend to lose sometimes. It is the art of believing that something is true although it hasn’t happened yet.

When we wake up in the morning, we should get right up and get dressed. Once we are dressed and have our shoes on than the day is ready to begin and we can conquer pretty much anything. Now is the time start with the task that we haven’t been motivated to do.

Why get right out of bed and get dressed? The sooner we accomplish the first goals of the day, the less time we can talk ourselves out of things. If we lay in bed and let our minds begin to wander, we will begin to talk ourselves out of becoming motivated to achieve anything. We are starting to feel like “I have no motivation or energy to do anything”. By getting up and dressed we start to motivate ourselves just by accomplishing the morning routine. Even if something else pops up, we must remember that we have managed to get ourselves up and dressed for the day.

3. Motivation Busters.

It is no secret that we can be our own worst enemies. Even if we begin highly motivated, some things can and will get in the way of achieving those goals. And, most of these things come from within ourselves. A few examples of motivation being blocked can be caused by:

  • Being tired.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Not having the time to accomplish desired tasks.
  • Uncomfortable with new routines.
  • Feeling like we are not good enough.
  • Being overwhelmed with all the tasks at hand.
  • Being too critical of ourselves.

Do any of the above sound familiar? I bet they do. These are the main points when we begin to lose our motivation.

4. Mojo the Motivation.

Having to keep ourselves motivated does take a few things from our side. There are things that can be done to help us better able conquer motivation and hold it on our hands.

Create our perfect space.

We must pick a time daily where we will be able to begin making the changes we want to see. If we have to work all day and we want to achieve something at home, then the block of space would have to be after returning home. The more progress that is made, the better we feel.

One of the quickest ways to begin to lose motivation is trying to tackle a goal that is too big. By starting out in small increments, we do not become overwhelmed and want to throw the towel in.

A partner with the same goals.

Often, if we are held accountable by other, we will push to get the motivation. We do not want to let the other person down, so we tend to be more accountable.

Become a more positive person.

Just working on being happier people we tend to have more motivation. There are many great reads out there about how to become more positive.

Develop routines.

For instance, even though we do not feel like going to work by going through the routine we can get into the “work” mode. Everything we do begins with some routine. If I am planning on sitting down and writing I always turn the phone ringer off to avoid the interruptions.

There will be days when we are just not feeling motivated. Even the smartest and most talented people have days where they just want to be brain-dead. Motivation may not come so easy for those who play sports and do not want to get out of bed. But, by doing a learned routine, it will help warm the player up.

On those days where the motivation has decided to take a nap, be kind to ourselves. Being the worst critics, our minds will be telling us that we may be lazy or selfish. Trying to muster up takes energy, and there can be times when your body and mind need a rest.

How do you become motivated?





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