Fall In Love With the Strong Woman — She Doesn’t Beg, when She Says Goodbye it’s Forever.

Fall In Love With the Strong Woman — She Doesn’t Beg, when She Says Goodbye it’s Forever.

the strong woman

This woman is both strong and soft. She has giving hands and a tender heart. She has spread arms and brought comfort and love to empty souls. The strong woman is solace and safety. The strong woman is also soft.

Such a woman smiles at the ones she knows and the ones she doesn’t. The Strong Woman believes in the beautiful in the world besides all the terror. Besides all the pain and negativity, she believes in hope. This lady is optimistic and holds on to positivity even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

1. The strong woman is not just strong but she is fearless, and she is soft.

She lets people see her soul, and she lets them touch the surface of her heart. Such a woman knows how to listen, and she feels everything so deeply. She is not afraid of feelings and emotions because she believes that everything is meant to be felt. The strong woman is not scared of falling back or being wrong. She is not afraid of being hurt, yet she is afraid of not being understood.

2. The soft woman loves strong.

She loves with all of her heart and all of her emotions. She loves deeply or not at all. The soft woman is kind and patient. She has trust. This woman doesn’t know how not to trust. She cares.

3. The strong woman doesn’t know how to love or appreciate less.

She is not familiar with being cold or distant. This woman has a big heart, and she is not afraid to love. She is not afraid to dance in the rain or enjoy herself in the sun.

4. The strong woman loves wildly but never naively.

In the meantime, she is cautious and never lets herself be taken advantage for. She is determined, and she is capable of making her own choices. She doesn’t fit in the box, and she is never easily labeled.

5. The strong woman is never silent, and she is never told what to do or how to feel.

Such a woman never feels like she needs to explain herself or she needs to change in order to fit in the crowd.

She will never explain her feelings or actions. Sometimes she may be stubborn or bold, but she is always reasonable.

She wants the world to see her as capable of her own decisions and actions. The strong woman wants to be taken seriously, and she expects to be given credit for. She can be both loud and quiet or dark and light. She can be anything she wants.

Sometimes she expects too much, but also she gives back. She is not afraid to let her spirit go wild and make mistakes. She learns from her own experiences. She is not afraid of admitting she is wrong or asking for help. She is proud but not egoistic.

The strong woman is also soft. She is always appreciated.


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