Things That Money Can’t Buy.

Things That Money Can’t Buy.

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things money can't buy

We all daydream about having more money. Oh, the nice things that money can buy, like a beautiful house, designer clothes, splendid jewelry, and maybe even a boat! Having more money would allow us to do the things we want to do when we want to do them. Having more money can also put our kids through college, among other things. But think about what money can’t buy.

The funny thing about money is that those who have more money aren’t always the happiest people on Earth. There are those who are financially set who would give anything to have a loving family. There are those with an abundance of money who would give anything not to have the health issues they have. Yes, money can make life a little better, but it doesn’t always buy happiness.


Even those who have a ton of money can’t buy respect from others. Some may believe that people who have money automatically gain more respect. Having more money doesn’t get us any more respect in the end. Most of the people who seem to show respect for the rich are only doing so because of the money, not from truly respecting those people. Those who are really respected may or may not have money.


All the money in the world can’t buy anyone trust. Trust is something we must earn, just like respect.

Close-knit family.

It may seem like the richest of families are the happiest, but that isn’t true. Just because a family has everything materialistic doesn’t make them happy. Watch the news; it frequently shows that those with money have the same sorts of problems with drugs and violence as everyone.

Common sense.

There are many people who are lacking in the common-sense department. Money doesn’t buy common sense or basic thinking skills. There are many people who are book smart but don’t have the common sense we all need for even a basic life, much less a happy one.


This is a good one. Yes, people with money tend to try to hold onto youth longer, but it doesn’t work. There are all kinds of skin regimens and facelifts they must continue buying. In the end, we all age no matter how good our skin may look. There’s only so much Botox or fillers that money can buy.

Quality time with children.

Quality time with our children is something that money can’t replace. Some of the best times with our kids happen at home when playing cards and board games. Sure, a trip to Disneyland would be nice, but unless parents are careful to spend quality time with the kids on the trip, that sort of vacation could get old and become unappreciated.

money can't buy quality time with kids


Wisdom is something that comes with age, not money. Many of our elders don’t have a lot of money, yet their wisdom is cherished. Wisdom is a gift and is passed on from generation to generation. Years ago, our relatives didn’t have half of the things we do now, but their wisdom is something that we listen to and follow. I still say my grandmother had the wisdom of a lifetime.


Humility is something that many of us strive to have more of. We should know that we aren’t any better than anyone else. Having money doesn’t help in the humility department. While of course there are many with money who do have humility as a character trait, they got that trait only through careful self-evaluation.

Great health.

There are so many people who wish that money could buy good health. Of course, living in poverty may affect health, but all the money in the world can’t make incurable cancer go away. Too often, we’ll hear about those who worked hard all their lives and then ended up with a terminal illness. Then they wish they had slowed down and enjoyed the simple things in life more, but at that point it’s too late.


Talent is something that we’re born with. All of the teachers that money can buy can’t give us a talent that we just don’t have. Teachers can improve our results, of course, but our talent started long before we met them.

Second chances.

Money can’t buy a second chance in life. The first second-chance may just happen out of luck, but after that we’re on our own. There are many reasons why we’re granted second chances. Some of us always have this yearning in our hearts to do something. Once our children have grown and started their own families, we’re granted a second chance. This is something that money can’t buy. The love of art, or flying, or even just riding a bike can happen later in life for some of us.

More than 24 hours per day.

Ah, to be able to accomplish all the things we want to each day. No amount of money can buy us extra hours in a day.

Money can’t buy your peace.

Turn on the news and see that all the money in this world hasn’t brought about peace and serenity. There are even times when money causes more hate than good.

Great ideas.

Most great ideas come from when we’re idle and thinking. All the jet-setting around the world isn’t going to help us brainstorm. There are times when the lack of money causes us to slow down and rethink our lives. Being broke and idle does have its perks.


Having empathy for others is something that comes from within. Being rich isn’t the way to gain a sense of empathy for others.

True love.

The saying that money can’t buy love is so true. Some of the closest and longest-lasting relationships were never based on money or job status. Learning to love while poor has held many couples and families together through the tough times.


A good reputation is something we can only obtain by earning it, regardless of whether we have money. And we can’t buy a kept promise for someone, so being sure to keep our promises is key to achieving that good reputation. Having people put their trust in us is something that we simply can’t buy.

Parents’ love.

Whether parents are rich or poor, they still love their children and will do anything to take good care of them. Neither the parents nor the children can buy the others’ love.

Work/life balance.

We can’t purchase a healthy balance between our work and life. And we can’t buy the life situation of having a good job that we enjoy doing. Having a healthy work/life balance is a great goal that’s also great for our health and family relationships.

money can't buy work-life balance

Final thoughts.

Money can’t buy the qualities that we all want in our lives. Sure, having the nicer things in life would be great, but we’ll never be able to buy the things that mean the most to us. What makes you happy that you know money can’t buy? Tell us about it in the comments, and let’s inspire each other!

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