If You Listen To This One Song, Science Says Your Stress Will Be Reduced By 65%

If You Listen To This One Song, Science Says Your Stress Will Be Reduced By 65%

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Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. Also, many people even suffer from a Chronic Anxiety Disorder. With anxiety, you’d think is impossible to find anything to help. You may not always realize it… But there are some ordinary and very strange things that may alleviate your symptoms. According to the Neuroscientists, this one song can reduce anxiety by 65% in some people.

It has been said that many medications lie about treating anxiety. While some may work for a short period, they also come with harsh side effects and dangerous chemicals. The Pharmaceutical Industry is a nothing more than a money scheme.

So try listening to this song instead!

In Mindlab International in the U.K., it was proven that a particular song can reduce your anxiety by 65%.  The researchers can tell you exactly what kind of music makes a person feel the most relaxed sensation. In this study, there were different participants involved. They were trying to solve different puzzles, while connected to a sensor to show how they do it. While doing the puzzles, the participants listened a different kind of songs. Researchers recorded their brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure. The rate of breathing was also checked.

The Song “Weightless” by the Marconi Union resulted up to 65% in the participants’ anxiety! They also had a 35% reduction in their physiological resting rates! The song was specifically designed to give a feeling of relaxation. The musicians teamed up with sound therapists to create the song.

Music therapy has been used with some success to treat anxiety. This is the most relaxing song ever! Take a listen and experience it for yourself here. Share it with your family and friends. Let us know what you think. Did it help you? How did you feel listening to it? We definitely want to hear from you!

You can listen to the song in below link.

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