Today Jupiter Moves In The Sign Of Sagittarius — Prepare For An Energetic Period With Lots Of Gifts.

Today Jupiter Moves In The Sign Of Sagittarius — Prepare For An Energetic Period With Lots Of Gifts.

Jupiter Moves In The Sign Of Sagittarius

In the period of the last 12 years, the planet Jupiter moved in and out of all the Zodiac signs, learning new lessons, growing, as well as inspiring some changes. But now, it is finally prepared to come back to the sign of Sagittarius, today, on the 8th of November, which is its home constellation.

As we all know, this planet is the biggest one in the solar system, and it is shifting from the profound, water depths of the sign of Scorpion into the adventurous and fire sign of Sagittarius – every one of us will feel that moving.

When in the sign of Scorpio, the planet is really going to guide us to tie the untied ends, dig profound into the subconscious, as well as calm ourselves about the thoughts of death.

Being in this sign, Jupiter is teaching us about the destructive power, as well as all those miracles which come when we decide to stand up tall and begin from zero.

The planet will teach us not to feel afraid of the dark and re-establish the relationship with all those shadows appearing in our wardrobes.

Globally, Jupiter being in this sign brought some problems with itself, when it comes to equality of gender, sexuality or the ‘Me Too’ motion. All these are problems which the planet in the sign of Scorpio has helped us to discover and solve.

When taking in consideration such problems, a lot of work still needs to be done, but Jupiter in this sign also highlighted where the place in which the changes have to be made is and also made some space for necessary discussions.

Jupiter will provide some time for some new adventures, as well as new waves of power.

When the planet is in this sign, it has the freedom to show its real form and self. It is a planet which is connected with abundance, opportunity, expansion, and benevolence. Everything touched by Jupiter expands, and it is also able to perform open-mindedness in people, as well as get them to look at this work with a brand new perspective.

In the sign of Sagittarius, the planet Jupiter will inspire people to travel, learn or even expand their spiritual ideas and understandings. They will also be motivated to show their differences or understand other people that have some distinct cultural bringing up than they have.

Another important theme during this period will be tolerance, particularly regarding understanding, as well as accepting various cultures, or backgrounds.

This period is the one for working in partnerships with each other, in order to make this society a better place, more open-minded, as well as base it on equality or fairness for everyone.

Supporting each other’s differences, as well as being unprejudiced to the way of living of other people is quite significant for a healthy and better-functioning community, and Jupiter is in this sign will drive that point at home.

This period will really help people in bringing some new opportunities, ideas, and inspiration in life.

People will feel optimistic about their future, seeing potentials instead of blocks. It is a period of positive energies which people can utilize for their own benefit to create abundance, as well as keep going after their dreams and purposes.

They can think about the things occurring in their past because there was probably some period with the same theme. People will be given an additional boost in order to create, as well as find some new chances to be themselves and to show their gifts or talents to the whole world.

This period will also bring explorative or adventurous kind of energy and people can feel quite inspired for traveling in another country, discover other adventures, or involve themselves in an entirely different culture for them.

Being under the energy of Jupiter in Sagittarius, people will also have the wish to understand each other, understand various philosophies or lifestyles. They will also be motivated to accept their differences, embrace the person they are and discover their strengths.

Permitting yourself to remove the mask and being free from the person you are will make you even stronger and empowered.

This energetic period is going to bring you a lot of gifts which you can utilize as your benefit, in order to make it through it as it will last until the 4th of December, 2019.

Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by SDS)/by NASA Images


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