Today Is November 11 — Get Ready For The Most Powerful Day of This Decade!

Today Is November 11 — Get Ready For The Most Powerful Day of This Decade!

november 11

In 2019, a lot of people reported that they had seen the code 11:11 in everyday lives, on license plates, receipts, mile markers, as well as digital notifications. The repeating of the number 1 seems to be all around us. You have probably looked at the phone more than often somewhere around 11:11 too. This is a global phenomenon that gets even more intense as we are going straight to the 11th day of the 11th month.

The code 11:11:11 will unlock the power of personal manifestation.

The number 11 is actually said to be a Master Number in numerology. It is one of the fastest manifestations, as well as distinctive creation, and unique expression. It consists of the power of 1, together with the mental, sensitive and soothing powers of 2. Combined together, the number 11 gains the vibration powers of ascension. 11 is also shaped representing two pillars, which is a gateway that directly opens a portal that is between the grounded demonstration and the angelic inspiration.

On November 11, the portal of 11:11:11 will be fully open, in that way creating the most powerful gateway of manifestation of this decade. We will experience a time of personal powers, as well as abundance.

What power the 11:11 code has?

It is not a surprise that the code 11:11 brings some powerful messages with it of the divine directions, abundance, as well as inspiration. You will realize that you became a completely different person than you were this year.

Whereas Master Numbers give us great chances, they also bring some even greater challenges with them. They demand mysterious and patient things.

However, it is well-known that they don’t start expressing the greatest and most specific characteristics until the phase number two of the cycle. For this year, it means it will be somewhere at the end of it. These numbers wait patiently for the right moment before they come to greatness.

If this year was not good enough for you, and if you did not succeed in manifesting the abundance, grace, as well as ease you desired, you just have to wait for it.

The process of transforming already started.

Everything that occurred until today was to prepare you for even bigger things. You are not supposed to rush between the period of 31st of October and 31st of November, as it is a powerful gate of transformation, and also don’t keep the head down and simply carry on.

If the code 11:11 appeared everywhere in front of you, it is the signal you waited for a long time.

Here, we will present you five interesting ways by which you can sail across through the portal 11:11:11 with some mystery:

1. Leave the past behind you.

At this time of transformation, dreams, ideas, people, objects, places or even some plans and projects may want to get out of your personal life. Notice which one wants to exist and which one feels like not belonging there.

Also, notice denials as they are rising in the awareness, as well as notice thoughts or beliefs which you still have and which do not go in line with the rapidly changing reality.

The reality is that you cannot take all the benefits of the potential, as well as mastery of 11:11:11 gateway if you don’t leave your past behind you. No matter how hard it is, you should thank all those things that served you and then let them go.

2. Have big dreams.

The final months of 2019 will be fertile soil, and the portal is actually a cosmic request to plant the seeds of your future, and not any kind of seeds. With the use of this portal, you will be asked to have big dreams.

Do not make plans for the things you wish, but for what you think is ideal. Do not imagine something better, but imagine heaven. Do not dream about happiness, but dream about euphoria. All this is hard to do, but we know that everything in this world is possible – use the power of the portal to break the limits and expand your mind. You can possess everything you want.

3. Trust what your intuition says.

You are the only one that knows what feels quite good. You are the only one that knows the needs of your body, mind, and soul. This time of transformations is going to be a lot easier one for navigating when you get into your guidance system from inside and trust what your intuition and instincts say.

The code 11:11:11 is created of single 1s, in that way reinforcing all the worthiness, vitality and strength which you as a human being held inside. All you need to do is trust your instincts.

4. Nourish your mind and body in a profound way.

Sometimes, we are not aware of the power of the energy codes going through our bodies at a time of a potent cosmic period. They open us and restructure us on different levels to which we are not prepared to connect. However, the thing that you read this means that you are prepared and it occurs.

Avoid being exposed to radio, TV, advertising or even manipulative web or media, as they can harm your soul work performed for you.

Instead, you should look for some wisdom or guidance which is going to feed the soul within you. Sleep at the time when you feel the need for sleeping, eat the proper foods healthy body, as well as take real and affectionate care of your body, mind, and soul. This is going to make changes easier for accepting and it will also give you the ability to make a step towards your higher version when a chance appears.

5. You need to know your numbers.

Achievement Number is a less famous weapon in numerology. It does not only reveal personal or intimate qualities that cannot be detected with the Life Path Number, but also when in combination with the Master Number it unlocks the prosperity path.

Start your plans about the transition in the next new calendar year. Waiting until it starts will be quite late.

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