Tonight Is Dark Night of the Soul — Welcome to December Solstice, the Start of a New Cycle!

Tonight Is Dark Night of the Soul — Welcome to December Solstice, the Start of a New Cycle!

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The Solstice of December 2018 falls on the 21st, and it’s a significant turning point and the start of a new cycle.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first day of winter. But in the Southern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the start of summer — a time of outward expression.

It does not matter where in the world you live. The December Solstice has always been linked to the planet Saturn. The reason for this is because Solstice is actually marked by the Sun’s move to Saturn’s ruling constellation of Capricorn.

This December Solstice is going to be the darkest day of this year. This is thanks to a rare cosmic incident which hasn’t happened in over 350 years.

Time to look inside.

It’s time to reflect on ourselves and our actions. The winter solstice brings with it the darkest night, calling everyone back home to spend time with their family. The longest night also gives you a longer period to talk to your spirits inside.

Night empowers our inner selves – and the longest night gives you more chance to find out who you are and what your inner self is trying to tell you. Listen attentively– you won’t get such a deep connection again until the next year.

Suggestions for traditions on Winter solstice.

Give food to the animals – everyone needs care, even the wild and the unseen. Tie some cereal and cover it among branches of leaves outside with some apples. Share your food with the creatures of the night.

Have a meal by the candlelight – the sun is just returning – don’t trouble its new-born eyes with electric light. Keep using the candlelight until the sun can shine again and remember to thank it for its wonderful energy.

Get rid of the old – release yourself from the past. Write it down, paint – do anything to get your worries out of the system.

Accept the new – 2019 is coming – it’s another step to the future and whole new opportunities are at hand. Write down your wishes on a paper and light it by fire – let the smoke rise and go up to the cosmos. The universe shall hear – you won’t be ignored.

As we “hibernate” and take it slow, we will have the opportunity to take a look at our inner world.

A lot of people spend the year in a constant state of busyness. We never really pause and see what is bubbling within. But, with the Solstice energy of December, we can take a peek at what is happening on a heart and soul level. The Solstice of December is usually called the Dark Night of the soul for this very reason.

If there are some problems which have been unresolved in thoughts and emotions, this will be the time of the year where they may resurface to be cleansed and renewed.

The time of the Winter Solstice can be very cleansing, as long as we embrace the energy. Don’t shy away from any painful emotions or past regrets that need to be cleared.

Life becomes more fluid when we take some time to tune in to our inner state. This is the exact energy that we need as we venture into the new cycle.

Become one with yourself.

The winter will bring snow for some people – enjoy it with your family. Grab a cup of hot coffee and sit by the window watching the snow dance against the window pane. Relax. Light gold, white or silver candle and meditate for 5 minutes. Become aware of yourself and your surroundings.


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