Tonight Is The Most Action-Focused New Moon Of 2018 — Get Ready For A Leap of Progress!

Tonight Is The Most Action-Focused New Moon Of 2018 — Get Ready For A Leap of Progress!

new moon of 2018

If you have been following along, you have probably noticed that January has been a hectic month. It seems like the heavens are putting on a show for us, as we welcome in the new vibrations, as well as the energy of this year.

The first New Moon of 2018 on the 16th-17th of January is no different. It will be dazzling us with a line-up of five celestial bodies by its side.

During the time of the first New Moon of 2018, there will be a line-up of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all in the sign of Capricorn—a rare occurrence.

Having a line-up of so many planets indicates that this first New Moon of 2018 will bring us a lot of earthy Capricorn energy to play with.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign.

It means that it holds the power of leadership, hard-work, as well as determination and groundedness.

The mountain goat represents it, and you have ever seen a mountain goat, you probably know that it can use its nimble feet to climb higher and perch itself in some places which most other animals can’t.

This is actually an excellent way to describe the hardworking energy of this sign. With so many planets, plus the Sun, as well as the Moon, aligning in this constellation, we will have the ability to leap progress as we climb our mountains.

The January New Moon energy will really help us to take a leap forward and to use our hard work, as well as skill and knowledge in order to climb higher and reach further.

This is very ambitious energy which will help all of us to move forward in the direction of our highest dreams and wishes.
It will be the perfect time to take some action in your life and start making small, as well as practical changes, to bring joy, abundance, love, success and whatever another feel-good emotions that you want into your life.

Capricorn is a favorable sign, so this is not necessarily for making bold, shocking moves in our lives, but it is about making small, yet efficient shifts to get us closer to where we want to be.

We will have a lot of support to put our plans into action.

January is one of the months of the year which is most action-focused. We should use this energy to our advantage and not be afraid to push ourselves a little higher. While this line-up of Capricorn planet will help us find our ambition and strength, this New Moon has a soft, as well as intuitive energy.

While this will be a great time to take some action and express ourselves outwards, there will also be this energy pulling us to go more in-depth within ourselves, as well as connect to that heart center.

This first New Moon of 2018 may bring you some new insights into your relationships.

It may also help you to think about things differently. If you are single, this New Moon can also be the perfect period to put yourself out there to meet someone. But, if you are in a relationship, you should use this energy to plan a date night. Or just to do something fun together.

If you feel lack of hope when it comes to dating, use this New Moon energy to see if what you are asking for is aligned with the actions which you have been taking. The energy of this first New Moon of 2018 will also help you to click the reset button and clear away any baggage from past relationships.

The good thing about this month’s New Moon is that it has a lot of energy. You can use it to serve you in any way that you need it.
Tune in to yourself and ass:

What is one thing I could use support with? What would I like this New Moon to bring into my life?

New Moons are all about setting intentions, as well as planting seeds for the future.

Think about what you want to grow in your garden and give your wishes to the night sky.

There are a lot of strong cosmic forces all through this month and they are all on your side in order to support you. Let the world know what you need, as well as let the New Moon know what you need. After that, open yourself to the guidance which follows.

Although it may not always feel like it, life is on your side all the time. Just find your joy, as you navigate the highs, as well as lows of your very own mountain.

Source/Inspired: Forever Conscious


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