Tonight Is The Most Enlightened New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For New Beginnings!

Tonight Is The Most Enlightened New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For New Beginnings!

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The end of the month brings us a shift of energy and an opportunity to start again, an opportunity to build upon what we already know.

New Moons always signify new beginnings and represent the beginning of a new cycle. While this New Moon is no different at all, there is a sense that we have all been here once before. There is actually a sense that we have to go back to something, to look over something, as well as to make the foundation we were walking on stronger.

There will be a need to do something new, as well as start something new, but to remember and hold the knowledge of the past as we are making this journey forward.

The New Moon in the sign of Libra.

Libra is a sign which is ruled by the element of air, and this New Moon will feel like a burst of fresh air which is going to wake up our senses and remind us of what really matters.

This cycle will be your greatest lesson, and it holds the key to your current purpose. This cycle is also your day to day, mouth to mouth, as well as year to year. This cycle is your path, and each time you make a loop, the path grows, gets bigger, and becomes wiser.

This will highlight the cycle which we have all been traveling on, and it will highlight the patterns in the journey we were taking so far. Look around you and say what patterns do you notice?

Life always speaks to us in the patterns and in the events which happen. Are the same things happening constantly? Do you find yourself in that same position frequently or surrounded by the same people as before?

If this resonates, you should know that this is your message, your pattern, and there is just one way through, and that is to become aware of it.

Breaking patterns is never an easy thing.

On the one hand it is part of our destiny to fulfill, as well as walk the path, and on the other, it can be quite challenging to step away and think outside of all that you know until now, but there is a way, and this New Moon is going to guide you to that way for sure.

If you were looking to get out of a rut, or you are searching to redo areas of your life or you are just looking for some greater sense of purpose, this New Moon would help you for sure. It will deliver the secret sauce which you need so that you will breakthrough and raise your journey to some new heights.

This illumination is not going to happen straight away, but if you pay closer attention, over the course of the few weeks that follow, you are going to be guided and supported too.

We should love ourselves first, connect with ourselves before connecting with other people.

When we do not love ourselves, how can we expect other people to do so? When we do not connect with ourselves, how can we expect to connect and relate to other people?

The New Moon will amplify the work of the planet Venus, and together these two celestial bodies will encourage us to love ourselves more than anyone else, uncover the truth more, as well as pay some more attention to the cycles, patterns, and events in our lives.

As above, so below – these are famous words which make up the whole foundation of astrology. The shapes, angles, as well as patterns the stars make, are mirrored in your being, which is why we actually turn to the cosmos, and to the life that is around us, for guidance on what we have to focus on.

When you look around you, what can you see?

Life is not supposed to be perfect or colored in pink. People are not supposed to live in abundance, as well as positivity all of the time. We are here to experience the shades, and dimensions, as well as all sorts of earthly states.

You should look around you without judging. Also, don’t wish for things to be better. All you have to do is look around and observe that this is where you are right now, and it is perfect, special, as well as it is your greatest teacher.

Of course, you can inspire to change and desire to change, as well as think about some ways to breakthrough, but it all starts with awareness and acceptance. It all starts with gratitude and then from this state, the following stepping stones are going to appear.

You should ask this New Moon for guidance, ask the vibes to light your way, and show you your aim which is buried in the cycle which is now playing out all around you.

Your true purpose is to be you, as well as to find purpose in everything that unfolds for you right now. You should feel that be that, and the airy Libra skies are going to open up for you, as well as show you the way to new freedom.


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