Tonight Is The Most Magical Full Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

Tonight Is The Most Magical Full Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

Magical Full Moon

The Full Moon happening on the 17th of June is going to sparkle brightly and powerfully in the sign of Sagittarius, sitting only several degrees away right from the so-called Galactic Center.

In fact, being close to this center will upgrade and amplify its energies, and also raise the planet Earth’s frequencies. For all those days that will surround this Full Moon, we will all have the chances to shift in higher vibrations and frequencies. We will all have the chance to tap in higher realms in order to explore our creativity’s height.

The Full Moon will be a dreamy one, amplifying our intuitive talents, and permitting us to finally unlock all the wisdom which is already present inside us.

Although we can forget, everything that we need, each small piece was given to us before we actually came into these bodies, and on such Full Moon, it is going to be easier to remember or gain access to this wisdom.

Under the Full Moon’s light, we will spend some time with our souls and nurture ourselves just like we are. Also, we will not need healing or fixing; we will only need loving.

Although there is a creative, dreamy, and beautiful energy that surrounds this lunar cycle, it will have fiery qualities as well. The sign of Sagittarius is a fire one; however, there are some other energies right into the cosmos which are contributing to all this too.

During this month, the focus was on speaking the truth.

The focus was also on learning about rising up from all those walls that we created, and from all the darkness surrounding us, and then step into the more unique place.

Speaking the truth is not actually about using the ego or being judgmental in order to create greater blame or shame in this world. Rather than that, it is more about getting to our souls’ roof. It is even about uncovering our masks and discovering freedom or love, so that we can be ourselves in every situation, regardless of how challenging or hard it is.

If some area related to our lives asks us to be truthful or honest more than before, the Full Moon’s fiery quality will provide us with the spark and confidence we need, in order to face up and stand in the truth.

We are not supposed to let our fear run all over our lives, or avoiding the life which was meant for us, and put off performing things because we feel afraid of telling the world who we really are. We are not supposed to dim our light.

Under the Full Moon’s light, we have to remember that fire within.

Also, we have to remember that we also hold the arrow and the bow, and we are potent and powerful to hit the mark if we trust and have our aim on the mind.

Life is the process of precisely setting the target, taking a purpose, and trusting the flow. We are all called to go after this process regardless of the way it takes in our lives at the moment.

We can perhaps think about the area of our lives, which feels sticky and uncertain. What our desired outcome would be? This would become our target. Also, what step pay we take in order to begin moving in the direction? This would be our arrow.

With our target and arrow in line, we can start moving in the direction we have chosen before. We should also trust the wisdom and power of what we desire and the flow of the wind in order to guide us.

Full Moons always represent release points, so reaching the one from this month means that we have to release something.

The Full Moon in June will be our opportunity to prepare for everything that is about to come next.

We have to pay better attention to the signs, triggers, and clues which will be presented during this period because they can return in order to be cleared and resolved.

We could also think about what has been happening in our lives during January’s end, as some events from that period will return to be worked through, cleared, and elevated on the following level.

Making some time to meditate, do some ritual work, or journal around the upcoming Full Moon is going to be an excellent way of starting our preparations for those magical Eclipses which will also be here soon.

Overall, this Full Moon in June is going to light the fire inside us and guide our ways forward. Moreover, it is going to encourage us to peel back all those layers in order to uncover the truth and even trust our dreams and intuition.

This magical Full Moon in Sagittarius will be the best one of this year, as it will help us to elevate ourselves to the following level.


Source: Forever Conscious

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