Tonight Is The Most Magical Full Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

Tonight Is The Most Magical Full Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

Magical Full Moon

The 18th of May is going to bring another Full Moon happening in the sign of Scorpio. The Full Moon has another name, the Seasonal Blue Moon because it is the Full Moon number four after the Equinox.

In fact, from a traditional point of view, this Full Moon can be said to be the most potent one, cleansing, transforming, and releasing our lives. This is as Scorpio is a sign which rules over rebirth, spiritual transformation, and death.

Under this Blue Full Moon’s light, we will be required to, in fact, think of where we will peel back our layers in order to reveal our true unique selves. The rays of the blue moonlight will pierce our burdens, masks, heavy coats, and even help us in releasing and shedding them to our ground.

There is no need of carrying them anymore. There is no need for blocking ourselves from putting aside the truth about who we are. We should breathe profoundly, and permit ourselves to let everything go finally.

We should also make our time in order to retreat to all the stillness that our exhale and inhale bring, where releasing occurs. There, we should permit ourselves to peel back those layers finally. We should permit ourselves to let everything go. We deserve to let everything go.

Full Moons represent powerful periods of letting go and releasing; however, this particular one will the period of getting profound with ourselves, or figuring out what holds us back, what causes us pain, or what we will need in order to clear and live up with the fullest potential.

There are several questions that this Full Moon will be exploring, such as how it looks like when we begin living from the space of our true uniqueness, or who do we become, and so on. While these questions may not be answered just in one day, we can begin laying the foundation right under this particular energy.

Although the energy will ask us to start thinking about our path or direction on which we will walk, we will need to get quite more profound with this.

The energy of Scorpio isn’t connected with everything we do, but it is with how we do those things.

Our soul cam in this particular life with some plans, but those plans did not contain human conditions or ideals. Our soul came in order to experience, learn, teach, feel, and most importantly, it came for an adventure.

And in the end, it is only up to us, to understand what adventure we would like to take on. Our soul also knows that regardless of the path, the actions, the decisions, or the choices we make, it would be simply what we make of all it that really matters.

There aren’t wrong paths. Every experience, regardless if it is bad or a good one, small or big, is always putting us back on our path or into alignment. There aren’t wrong turns in the world, but there are choices which we have to make daily.

Every day, we have to make decisions about how we would like to see this world or decide whether we will try something different and new, or just return to what we already know. None of this is good, and it is simply a choice which we need to make.

Our lives are full of different decisions and choices, and regardless of what we choose, we need to keep in mind that everything is part of an adventure. This lunar cycle is surrounded by heavy energies which are going to draw us in or ask us to our soul and heart’s depth.

We will need to be patient and gentle with ourselves, and permit the Moon’s magic to do what it has to. If we take one moment to be still, this Full Moon is going to guide us to what we have to release. We will become free from society’s shackles, free of expectations and thoughts.

We are quite more beautiful, powerful, intelligent, wonderful, and successful than we realize. We are far more in tune with our soul then we can realize. So, we have to trust our wisdom, still, and quiet voice which emerges when we tune in.

Those answers that we are searching for aren’t outside of us, and they aren’t grand or big; the answers that our soul and heart give to us are simple and pure truths that usually get lost on the way.

Those simple and pure truths of the individuals that we are, or our purpose, and plan, are greeting us every day.

Our lives aren’t really about such big moments, but they are about small things which occur when we get busy by making some other plans.

We can start with some smaller things, such as everyday things, or the things we spend most of our time doing, and then we should see how is that going to help us in slowly transforming our world from the inside out.

In this world, which is continually focused on possessing more, we easily ignore the magic that every day offers. We are the ones responsible for finding the truth, gratitude, and miracles in this.

The upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio is tender, but also a powerful one. It will be our time to focus on exploring the alchemy of transformations and to not only focus on what we do, but on how we do it, and even keep in mind that we will always walk on the appropriate path.


Written by Tanaaz

Source: Forever Conscious

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