Tonight Is The Most Mysterious Full Moon Of 2019 (Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde) — Get Ready For Intense Energy Shift!

Tonight Is The Most Mysterious Full Moon Of 2019 (Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde) — Get Ready For Intense Energy Shift!

Mysterious Full Moon

There is going to be a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th of July, happening in Capricorn. Our planet will partially hide this Full Moon that often illuminates the sky during the night, with its shadow. In that way, it will create the alignment which is going to bring information and new insights to the surface.

There will be intense energies behind the Eclipse, and energy beams are going to flow from light and darkness to expose the shadows and the things we were hiding, and we have to release.

Although endings and releasing will be big themes of the Eclipse that comes, there will be something more profound happening here as well. The Eclipse isn’t only guiding us towards closure and release, but it will guide us to also stretch our mind, body, and soul’s limits.

The Eclipse will stretch us, crack us, and help us release the tensions and knots of our past. It is going to stretch us from one end to the other, in order to find our alignment.

Under Eclipse’s energy, we can feel as if we are stretched to the limits or even pulled in various directions.

We will probably need to choose the right path too. We are going to make decisions; however, the Eclipse is going to be our guide and is going to deliver all the needed answers right when we need them.

While we will be waiting in order to see the path that will best fit us and our souls and minds, we need to remember that we should continue opening and stretching.

Also, we have to learn how to let go everything that doesn’t have a place to stay in our minds and hearts, because this work is going to free us up in order to make the decisions and judgment calls which are going to affect the following chapter in our lives.

When something in our lives was crumbling or weak, this Eclipse will probably bring the final push we were all looking for. We should simply be open in order to see where the Eclipse will guide us so that we can release, let go, and bring closure too.

The Eclipse has a connection with the Solar Eclipse from January of this year so that we can think about the lessons or themes we were working on during those times. Under Capricorn Eclipse’s energy, we are also going to be reminded about our strength.

The mountain goat represents this sign, and even though it is a small animal, it is able to climb the mountains it wants to. Right motivation always guides this sign. Discovering what motivates us as we climb our mountain is going to help give us the needed clues.

When such an intense Lunar Eclipse passes through the energy fields of people, they are going to feel stagnant or stuck a little bit, and this may also add to their need to constantly question things such as their motivation. The questioning is needed and significant because it will get them to stretch their minds and think differently just for one moment. It will also permit them open to some new possibilities and think about everything that serves them.

Although the questioning may be revealing, it may be overwhelming, too, and it may create tension and anxiety within our own beings. Understanding this particular part of the entire process may help, but knowing and trusting that we can do everything may also be helpful.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn can bring us questions of status and power into play.

As different celestial bodies will align for the Eclipse, it will be just like two armies meeting on the opposing sides of the field.

Instead of fighting one another, they will work together in order to bring transformation, healing, and growth to the individuals that stands right in the center, and that individuals are we.

When the two forces stretched and pulled us, and even helped us work through the tension and knots, we will feel taller, more open, and lighter. Energy will have the ability to flow down and up and pass quite freely through our bodies, activating our energy centers and our souls.

Under the Eclipse’s energies, we need to be quite gentle with our own selves. We need to permit ourselves to breathe through and gently stretch through all the tight spots and knots. We need to exhale and inhale unless we feel that our bodies open and melt.

The Eclipse from the 16th of July will be the most powerful and transformative point of this year; however, we are all prepared for it, as we have the needed strengths in order to handle it, and just like everything else, this will pass.


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