Tonight Is The Most Mystical New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Intense Energy Shift!

Tonight Is The Most Mystical New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Intense Energy Shift!

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The month of May will be slowly-paced one, and it will beckon us to assess and reflect our lives’ quality and think about every direction we head in. On the 4th of May, the energy will be further amplified, as there will be a New Moon occurring in Taurus.

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings.

This is one of the most powerful new openings that we are going to be experiencing all year. The energy of Taurus is all about finding the security, as well as stability, particularly when it comes to our health, or our family, and money.

We will be motivated to review the everyday routine under the New Moon’s darkness, in order to see when and where we will have the ability to create more joy, love, and support.

The New Moon in the month of May will be inspiring too, making us create our healthy habits, particularly our exercise routine and diet. If we are about to start an exercise plan or new diet, this New Moon is going to bring the perfect energy needed to support this.

Even when we do not have plans, meditation, eating better, fresh air, exercising, and being more focused on gratitude will be excellent things which we can add to our routine to evoke more balance and peace.

During the past several months, creating balance was an important theme in our Universe, and the upcoming New Moon will also add to the energy from previously.

The shifts coming together with the New Moon in Taurus bring some sudden changes into our lives.

Or if a change has recently happened, we may be guided to reach a new level of acceptance and understanding as well.

The best way to navigate through this energy is to practice acceptance, as well as to stay present at the moment.

When a change occurs, it can be normal to worry about our future or to get worried about what is going to happen following. But by simply focusing on the things moment to moment, as well as surrendering to whatever comes on our way, it can help us to regain a sense of peace.

This New Moon is going to guide us towards balancing play and work.

Work is going to fill us with a particular purpose. It will help us make money, thrive, or feel like we add to society. Work will permit us to create some good habits, and it will keep us well-grounded, and keep strict routine.

However, play will do things just for fun. Play will help us ignite our passions, and creativity, permitting us to let loose. In fact, play is something which we do which permits us to break away from the routine we have and step in joy and silliness.

By permitting and even giving ourselves some time to play, we will be fueled at work, or it may inspire our purpose and passions. When we feel lost, and stifled, or when we feel that our routine became quite predictable, a perfect prescription will be at play. Under the New Moon’s energy, we are going to be encouraged and supported to bring some play into our routine much easier.

Play may also mean many things, and one size may not fit all solutions.

Play may turn the music on and dance all over the house, volunteering, making or building something or it may also read an uninteresting romance novel.

When we bring more play in our routine, it will help us lighten our life’s energy. It will even help in igniting a sense of awe, wonder, or curiosity. Play will help in freshening our life’s energy and bring a sense of clarity and purpose.

While the New Moon will support us balance play and work and make some healthier and better lifestyle choices too, it will even remind us never to compare our life with the lives of others.

Although being inspired and motivated by other people and their lifestyle choices and habits, we need to remember the person we are and stop using others as signposts for our lives.

One important thing would be that we feel happy with only our own choices, and also the way in which our lives look and feel. When we compare our lives with the lives of other people, we will feel as we do something wrong and that we have to do something different.

While we move through the New Moon’s energies, we should keep that mind. We should create new, healthy, and even refreshing habits; however, we should do that because they simply make sense to us. We should try our best in order not to compare ourselves with others, and rather than that, look at our life only through our eyes.

We have the free right to live our lives as we please.

We don’t need to follow some tried or true path. We don’t need to feel left out or behind only because our life is different.

When we look around us and feel happy with everything that we feel or see, we will understand that this is all that really matters. In order to bring positive changes in our lives, we should focus better on building up some more good things, instead of only talking about what does not work.

When we are more focused on finding joy, particularly in small things, and also gratitude, our lives will start taking shape.

We should be thankful for the more precious and smaller moments which greet us during the day. We should focus on something small, and find gratitude, together with play, so when we focus our attention here, we will create a balanced and peaceful life.

In fact, New Moons are always the time for new beginnings, meaning that if we feel the need of starting fresh, we should ask for guidance, watch the signs, and see the inspiration that will greet us under the this Taurus New Moon’s influence.


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