Tonight Is The Last And Most Magical Full Moon Of 2018 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

Tonight Is The Last And Most Magical Full Moon Of 2018 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

The Last And Most Magical Full Moon Of 2018

Tonight is the Full Moon happening in watery Cancer, sign, and it will certainly be the best and most powerful event of 2018. This period will bring a mixture of energies, in that way representing release, completion, as well as new beginnings.

In some sense, this lunar cycle is going to help us in wrapping up this year which is about to end, but it will also prepare us for the one that is about to come.

During the Full Moon period, we will feel motivated to release this year, let go the dead or heavy weights which we carry and also surrender to everything that occurred.

We are not going to be able to change the past or regret.

Everything that we would be allowed is to look forward, as well as take the needed steps or actions which we hold in our hands.

Everything else can simply fade away, or be given to the Moon for some clearing, and in that way, we may begin the new chapter of our life being in a fresh and clean state.

Together with the energy of the Full Moon, which is about completion and clearing, there will also be an opportunity for new beginnings. It seems like the Full Moon is going to prepare us for everything that is about to come, or also guide us to what some energies, lessons or themes we may work within 2019.

This is going to be a special Full Moon as it will occur at zero degrees of the sign of Cancer. Every time some Full Moon or some planet falls at such degrees, it indicates some limitless possibilities or opening of new chances.

Throughout the entire new year, and also some part of the 2020 year, we are going to have an Eclipse cycle which will start involving the signs of Capricorn and Cancer. This is going to make the Full Moon not just the last one of 2018, but the last one in Cancer which we are going to have for a short time too.

Every of the following lunar cycles in Cancer from now on is going to be Eclipses, continuing up until 2020.

Also, being the last lunar cycle of this year, it will unlock new energy portal, as well as give us clues to what the new string of Eclipses in the sign of Cancer will store for every one of us.

The Full Moon of December, occurring in Cancer, is simply as an entrance spot to the new journey, so it is going to start paving its way ahead for some greater cycle of evolution and growth which is going to happen over those years which will come.

Under the influence and energies of this lunar cycle, attempt to still your mind, as well as soften your soul. Also, try to connect with the still and soft voice coming from your inside and then see if you can hear all those messages or whispers of our Universe.

During the sensitive period of the Full Moon, you may feel some problems with the home or family lives. In fact, Cancer is a sign which is the ruler of some family and home life matters, so pay more attention to such areas, as they are where most of the energy of this Full Moon will probably manifest.

If some problem arises, it is quite important to utilize the energy of Cancer while guiding and practicing compassion, selflessness, and forgiveness. Utilize the energy of this water sign in order to look at things from the perspectives of others and help people in need.

However, you should not try to offer advice hoping to fix some situation, but only listen because sometimes, all a person wants is to be heard.

In addition, emotions may also be quite sensitive during this period, so try to overcome everything and protect your energy most of the time. The use of crystals, reciting some mantras, as well as imagining some protective white lights surrounding you can be helpful too.

This last lunar cycle will be quite gentle, but will also tell a great story.

It will be the entrance spot to some new upcoming of energies which are going to be with every one of us for the following few years.

So, bathe in that gentle white light of the Full Moon, be thankful for everything given and also achieved, as well as count every blessing or spend some time with your loved people.

Feel your connection to the spirit and the earth too, knowing that they are not alone, as well as that the year which is about to come promises to be a better, and brighter. Because it is everything that this world actually needs from you.


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