Tonight Is The Most Magical New Moon As Mercury Goes Direct — Get Ready For A Powerful Shift!

Tonight Is The Most Magical New Moon As Mercury Goes Direct — Get Ready For A Powerful Shift!

New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries April falls on the 15th-16th of April. This will be a busy and highly active New Moon which is going to bring some powerful changes.

Since the Libra Full Moon back in March, the Universe has been challenging us to get our priorities in order.

We may also have been alerted to things which were no longer working for us. There may also have been some problems which forced us to reconsider how we have been doing things.

Under the energy of the New Moon in Aries however, we will all go to be given some guidance on the changes which we can make to bring more harmony and balance into our lives.

Step outside the comfort zone.

Break some long-term habits. This may be one of the best New Moons to do that.

Start by thinking about what is not working in your life. Reflect on the areas or attitudes which are no longer helping you.

Such type of changes we feel called to make could be simple or more drastic. But either way, reflecting, as well as setting the intention to make productive changes are going to go a long way.

The Universe is going to guide us to the best course of action.

A new moon brings a lot of new opportunities but we need to be really cautious with the new ventures. If you are taking a new step, in your career or your relationship, you need to be watchful. The time is going to be good for clinching goals, new beginnings, and fresh starts.

The risk takers have a lot to be happy about. The New Moon in Aries brings with it lots of energy. There will be a lot of potentials which has to be tapped. Until and unless you seize the opportunity right when it comes, it will be hard for you to achieve huger goals.

With too much happening together, it means that there will be too many opportunities popping your way. It shows that things could get chaotic if you do not grab hold of how they are headed.

So, the time is apt to be on a vigilant alert and to know precisely how to maneuver the situation so that you get what you want. The opportunities and risk both are going to be on a high. One needs to tap the right energy and work accordingly.

It will be a great time for manifesting and for starting new things.

The energy dynamics is going to alter a great deal. Of course, the dynamics of astrology and zodiac changes offer a great deal based on the moments and the ruling planets. It is likely that almost all zodiac signs will see the change and feel the impact.

No doubt, even if you cannot perceive too many changes, the New Moon in Aries calls for a visit in the open sky. Be watchful of your moves and be extra cautious. A little extra attention and effort might help you reap some big dividends that could help you in ways more than one.

While change is definitely in the air, such changes are going to be fuel for growth. They will help you uncover a new part of yourself.

This New Moon in Aries is going to be encouraging us to be productive.

It will bring healthy changes to our lives. But it may take time before we can understand how best to fulfill them.

This is somewhat to do with the fact that the planet Mercury also goes directly around the time of the New Moon in Aries.

Mercury is moving in a forward motion bringing things to light. It may also take a week or so before we can understand. Be patient, and give yourself some time.

If the things feel intense, know that this feeling is likely not to last. As quickly as things rise they are also going to fall.

Out of all the zodiac signs, the energy of Aries will help us the most when it comes to self-development and getting in touch without true essence.

We are all going to be given a chance to learn and understand ourselves on a deeper level.

We may feel inspired to think about how we can better look after ourselves. How we can begin fulfilling our own needs over others.

Under this energy, giving attention to what you really need has to be your priority.

Concentrating on yourself, as well as doing things which bring you joy is also a great way to channel this energy.

In fact, this New Moon in Aries is going to support you in standing up for yourself, as well as stepping outside of your comfort zone, so it is only when you do this that you can grow, as well as learn who you truly are.

So, hope that this New Moon in Aries ends up benefitting your star sign in ways more than one. It might just bring in the desired changes.

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