Tonight Is The Most Magical And Ultra Powerful Full Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

Tonight Is The Most Magical And Ultra Powerful Full Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

Ultra Powerful Full Moon

On the 21st of January, there will be a Super Blood Moon Eclipse occurring in the sign of Leo. It will be an ultra-powerful Eclipse because it is a Super Moon and also a Blood Moon.

There won’t be another such Eclipse until 2021, so we can be sure that this one will leave a permanent impression on every one of us.

Super Moon happens at the time our Moon is nearest to our planet.

So, during this period, we are going to see our moon shining bright and big in the night sky. Moreover, it means that it will have stronger energetic effects than it often has.

On the other hand, a Blood Moon happens at the time of a Total Lunar Eclipse. Such totality provides the Moon with a reddish hue, and therefore its name comes from. And finally, a Total Lunar Eclipse is considered as the most powerful type of Eclipse, signalizing columniation of energies and profound rebirth.

Despite all this, knowing that the Lunar Eclipse happens in the sign of Leo adds additional importance. For the past 18 or more months, we were working with the Eclipse energies of the signs Aquarius and Leo. This cycle started in 2017 in February, but in January this year, the Eclipse of Leo will be the final one in that cycle.

The Eclipse in Leo is quite a potent one, and it will activate and transform you on your most profound layers of the soul.

The Eclipse in Leo will also represent a birth time of ourselves, and our creations and past, or wounds and self-expression in this world.

The Eclipse brings volatile and erratic energy too, so we can feel scattered, out of balance or drained too. We can find ourselves pulled in order to release our past wounds or release of certain things we believed we already dealt with.

In order to help ourselves in understanding the favor which this Eclipse can have for us, we have to think of what happened in our life from February two years ago until now. There is a possibility that some themes or issues from this period can play their role in what is about to come for us during this year.

This does not mean that there will be a repetition of the same occurrences, but we may find ourselves in the process of continuing our development and growth, regarding everything that was happening during this time.

We can also be provided with closure when it comes to those events.

We will feel more proud of ourselves for reaching our goals.

Who says that life is easy is completely wrong. Life is not easy at all, so we need to remember that we have to celebrate the victories big and also small. Looking at our life from the perspective of love, there will always be a lot of things to feel thankful for.

Regardless of what the Eclipse will bring us, we have to stand here, try to understand, even more, have our heart wide open and learn something more. While we are reading this words, we should let them heal us, and open us, while we are honoring the thing that we take our time in order to understand our cosmos and see how it may help us in our growth.

Being under the impacts of the Eclipse, we are going to access higher states of awareness and angelic realms easily. All we are supposed to do is tune into our system of guidance and carefully listen to our intuition’s voice.

The Eclipse is going to touch every one of us differently.

We will notice some themes which will arise around family life, leadership, and creativity too. Another possibility under the Eclipse is seeing changes when it comes to being a leader in some big organizations or governments.

Because of all those energies revolving around the Eclipse, we should all think well before we speak, and avoid our anger to explode in certain moments, especially matters connected with our relationships.

Egos will do everything to rise with this energy of the Eclipse, so we have to do our best in order to stay calm and mindful or avoid conversations and arguments in which we have to prove ourselves, or tell why we are right, or why the other one is wrong, etc.

Such types of arguments and discussions are never the ones which are worth the fight because every one of us has their perspective, pains, or lens with which they see this world.

One excellent way which will help us negate certain energies of the Eclipse is turning into our creativity.

Eclipses are times which bring destined events in our lives.

We can simply sit calm and permit them to guide us. We should not worry about every action we will take during this period, as usually, they arise naturally and spontaneously.

During this Blood Moon Eclipse, there will be such potent and strong energy which will guide us into the appropriate direction with just a small effort. However, the journey may be hard, and we can also feel fear and resistance, but we have to believe and even know that heavens have some plans for us.

Sometimes, Eclipses are challenging times, but usually, they guide us to the highest destiny and even help us in growing and moving forward. We have to trust everything that comes for us during this Eclipse in January, and we should also stay more open to energies, or pay attention to where we are called to go.


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