Tonight Is The Most Mysterious New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Intense Energy Shift!

Tonight Is The Most Mysterious New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Intense Energy Shift!

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On March the 6th, there is going to be a New Moon which will fall in Pisces. It will be a busy one because it happens simultaneously with the shift of the planet Uranus in Taurus.

Every time a slowly moving planet such as Uranus shifts signs, it sends some waves out in the cosmos that every one of us can feel on different levels. The shift of Uranus in Taurus will set up the beginning of the new cycle that is going to last until the year 2026.

These will be big shifts which will help us raise collective awareness, and also shift our planet into an entirely new direction.

There are going to be numerous cosmic energies around the New Moon in March, and its energy is going to be dominated in a certain way by Uranus’ activity. However, its timing is not accidental, and it will definitely be the way of the Universe of getting us ready for new beginnings.

This mysterious New Moon will get us ready to enter in some fresh waters which the new cycle will bring on our way.

It prepares us to trust in the direction and flow of our own lives. It will ask us to drop the expectations which hold us back or trip us up and rather to embrace new sets of beliefs and ideas.

The New Moon in the sign of Pisces will support us also to upgrade the way we think and remove thoughts and behaviors which do not serve us any purpose anymore.

During the last several months, we were rising our vibrations, clearing our and creating some space for new waves of energy. Also, we did the hard work which means that now it will be the right time to start receiving. We should open the arms and hearts wide and embrace everything that our Universe sends on our way. Sometimes, life may be quite exhausting.

There is some cosmic force which is bigger than us, and which holds our essence, but is magnified.

The force will support us, encourage us and also help us live our best life possible.

This cosmos is our guide and mirror into everything that happens deep in our soul and heart.

Our soul is sparkling like thousands of diamonds that hit the light. During the night of the New Moon, our hearts are going to be opened, and seeds are going to be planted. We are going to enter into another new domain of comprehending and wisdom.

The New Moon will lead us towards new beginnings which the astrological New Year is going to bring on the 21st of March when there will be an Equinox. This will mark another brightly new chapter which is bolder, adventurous and courageous than before.

The lunar cycle will be the beginning point to what is left of this year. Our plans and vibrations from now are going to help us and guide us during the following months.

This March New Moon will also remind us to never force changes prior to being prepared to make those changes.

We can be right where we are, and there is also a purpose meant for us right where we stand.

We will also be motivated to feel profound, and not think profoundly. We will be encouraged to dance, sing, express through some kind of art or music. We will be motivated to release our thoughts, clear our minds and heads, and pay more attention to the beat and also the rhythm of the heart.

Our hearts contain magnetic fields which are very strong and powerful. They radiate their wisdom, and they carry their intelligence, so the New Moon is going to help us tap into this and align with. We should not always believe our thoughts.

The New Moon in Pisces is not like the others. In fact, it is the last one before the astrological New Year begins, so the cosmos causes a storm surrounding it, full of happenings and activity.

When we know this at a certain point during this week of the Pisces New Moon, we are going to be offered our sanctuary. It will be a safe and beautiful Pisces haven in which we may retreat within, meaning that we can only be with ourselves, our heart, and our soul.

We should not allow our mind to trip us under the energy of this lunar cycle.

We should not permit ourselves to believe in some thoughts which do not fill us up. We should permit ourselves to think that we are awesome and see ourselves as a beautiful rainbow made of stars.

We are love, we are our Universe, and we have to see ourselves like that most of the time. We should release fear and release everything we once believed. Then, we should step bravely and boldly in the newly coming wave.


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  1. So great day of today and God is so much good ,merciful to us may his name be worship

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