Tonight Is The Most Powerful Full Moon Of 2018 (Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse) — Get Ready for a Massive Energy Shift!

Tonight Is The Most Powerful Full Moon Of 2018 (Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse) — Get Ready for a Massive Energy Shift!

Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

From an astrological point of view, the Moon rules over our emotional body and our intuition. It permits us to feel and reminds us that we are so much more than just what we can see.

The Moon is how a lot of people feel connected to the cosmos, as well as to the skies, which is the reason why over the past years we have looked to the Moon for guidance and understanding.

This year, we will have two events happening on the same day: the Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn and the Blood Moon Total Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius, both happening this Friday, on the 27th of July.

Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn.

The Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn would fall on the 27th of July, 2018, at 4:52 AM GMT. This Full Moon is more than just good or bad, it is more about the consequences of both, but then again, that actually depends on if you were living an honest life or not.

As we all know, a Full Moon is a symbol of new things, as well as a season of yield, but when we are talking about Capricorn, there is no way to let go of the general inundation which the sign embodies.

This sign is not the most sentimental of all the other signs. Capricorns are more about objectivity, as well as goal and goal competition, finding stability and some other similar things.

The Full Moon of this year is going to be seeing everything and noting it down, if you have fulfilled your responsibilities or if you have not, and you might be saying to our friend Karma. Also, the planet of Capricorn is Saturn, and we all know what this planet is about.

So, what we have to do during this time?

Right now, what would be wise to do is an evaluation. We should go through everything that we did not do in the past year and think about what was wrong and what was not. We should realize what mistakes we have done and pat ourselves on the back.

Also, we should take a step back from doing something if it does not exactly feel okay – we should not worry, as this is the chance and we are not going to be making a mistake if we listened to our gut.

The key for this Full Moon is simply: we should grow up. We should become an adult and take responsibility for the things which we need to. We should also understand that we are grown up, and this is how life is going to be.

The Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

Out of all the lunar activity which we are ever going to feel or experience, the Blood Moon Total Eclipse of July will be one of the most potent. The reason for this is because it is the longest Lunar Eclipse that we are going to have in this 21st century.

The Blood Moon Total Eclipse falls in the sign of Aquarius, and it is too strong that it is going to penetrate straight into the pits of our soul, to shift and upgrade us to a new level.

Under the energy of this event, the karma of our soul will be stirred, and if we pay closer attention, we may get a glimmer or maybe a reminder too, as to why our soul chose this journey.

Life on our planet is a challenge, but we signed up for it. And, on the night of the Blood Moon Total Eclipse, things will be pulled and drawn out of us so that we can remember what we can here to learn, as well as what our purpose is moving forward.

Such opportunities come as a gift to remind us, as well as to activate us and to awaken us to what path we have to be on, and where we need to make some changes.

This eclipse in the sign of Aquarius will push us.

It will take from us. It will penetrate us right where it hurts so that we can clear, release and find our freedom.

As it is the longest Lunar Eclipse which we are going to experience, it will also be a chance for us to dig deep, as well as to reach further to clear and let go of everything that we no longer want to carry. This will also be a time for us to purge, cleanse, and detoxify.

We also have to surrender everything that is weighing us down. We have to surrender and permit ourselves to be lead and guided.

The energy of Aquarius is all about the bigger picture.

We are all together in this, and we cannot blame each other or one person.

With the heightened sensitivity of the Blood Moon Total Eclipse, a portal is going to open, and we are going to have the ability to see, as well as feel the pain and the love, the happiness and the fear, and the emotions of every single living thing on Earth. And when we do that, we will discover that there is no separation.

Under the energy of this Lunar Eclipse, we may also feel like acting impulsively, lashing out or doing something rash. Also, we may feel the heaviness of the world, and in turn, feel hopeless or uncertain about the future.

While all things are the ones we will have to breathe through, we should also know that there is a way to access the light every single thing of this. All we have to do is surrender, release, and give up everything we have ever thought about ourselves, as well as just permit ourselves to be.

We have to allow ourselves to be in a state of stillness and nothingness.

We should permit the Universe to take what it needs.

We also need to have confidence, as well as faith that there is a bigger picture behind all of this, and we should try to see things not with our eyes, but through our eyes. We should try to see things from the viewpoint of our higher self, our third eye, as well as remember that this is all just a temporary journey.

After we finish the human journey, we will return to our true form and our true state. But until that time comes, there is a lot of work to be done.

The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of the 27th of July is going to release and activate old pains, but what it is also going to do, if you are willing, is guiding you to your soul and to the part of you that signed up for this Earthly mission.

Additionally, when you access that part of you, you are going to see the world differently, and you are going to see others differently too.

The Universe is not just guiding you, it is you.

Every one of us knows that life is not a bed of roses but sometimes it takes time in order to realize it and well, now is that time. During the period of the Full Moon and the Blood Moon Total Eclipse, you should be logical and make decisions which are based on reason. You should also take a step back and evaluate everything that happens around you, as well as find out what the consequences of your actions could probably be.

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