Tonight Is The Most Transformative New Moon Of 2018 — Get Ready For A Powerful Shift!

Tonight Is The Most Transformative New Moon Of 2018 — Get Ready For A Powerful Shift!

transformative new moon

The New Moon on the 17th-18th March falls in the watery sign of Pisces. It is going to bring a feeling of completion as we protect the astrological New Year.

Pisces, being the last sign from the zodiac cycle, is all about finding some balance, as well as creating a sense of wholeness.

The Pisces transformative New Moon is going to give us a big picture view of the year that is gone by. It will permit us to see how everything has fit together in its own special and unique way.

Although life always leads us in interesting directions, there is a purpose and a plant to it all. Embracing this, as well as accepting whatever comes, can help you find peace and keep on moving forward.

The symbol for the sign of Pisces of the two fish swimming in opposite directions also reflects this energy. It signifies finding harmony and peace no matter what direction you follow in your life.

The sign of Pisces rules over the feet.

They are responsible for grounding us to the Earth. Helping us to move forward in the right direction.

Regardless of the direction, you have been called to go in during this zodiac cycle. The cycle starts with the start of the astrological year back in March 2017. You are now being called to find the harmony and find the peace as the astrological year concludes and a new one starts.

This Pisces transformative New Moon will be helping you to feel a sense of completion or wholeness with the direction of your life. It is also going to help you to start thinking about the future.

While it is impossible to plan for the future, this New Moon will be a great time for thinking about what you want to pull or bring into your life.

You don’t have to have an exact plan.

Think about what seeds you want to plant, or what emotions you would like to bring into your life.

You should think about how you want to feel as you move through this next chapter of your life. Think about what emotions or energy you want to bring in your life. Focus on how you can create these in small ways every day.

While this New Moon will be great for sending out your wishes and desires, it also carries very healing energy as well.

If there are any wounds or sores which you have been nursing, this energy is going to help you think about them in a new light and bring a sense of acceptance and forgiveness to whatever has transpired.

The energy of Pisces requires you to look at the bigger picture.

You will see events which have unfolded as a whole.

By looking at the whole picture, as well as focusing on the beginning, middle and end, you are going to gain a much clearer understanding of your journey.

You may not always have a choice in regards to what life will bring your way. But you always have a choice in how you choose to see things. You can also choose to see everything which comes your way as a blessing and opportunity for growth. Or you can also choose to see yourself as a victim or ‘unlucky.’

The choice will always be yours, but the more you look for the silver lining, the more complete and whole you will feel.

This transformative New Moon in Pisces is a great time to focus on acceptance and finding a sense of completion and gratitude with your life journey so far.

You have traveled so far, and you have also been through so much. So you deserve to honor and congratulate yourself for all that you have ever achieved.

Life on this earthly dimension is not always easy.

But the more you follow the rhythms and cycles of your own heart, as well as soul, and focus on the good, the easier it will become to transcend some the muck and mud that you encounter along the way.

This transformative New Moon in Pisces will be the perfect time to honor all of you and all of your journeys. Regardless of what has happened, no matter how you have failed or succeeded, as well as lost or won, there is something to celebrate and something to learn and grow from.

March is also an interesting month because it brings the start of the astrological New Year. But it also has two Full Moons in it. The energy of the Full Moon is going to dominate most of the month, meaning that this Pisces New Moon carries a rare, as well as special flavor we will not get to indulge in for too long.

As a bridge between the two Full Moons, the New Moon in Pisces will give us a small opportunity to focus on bringing acceptance and forgiveness to our lives so we can start moving forward. It is also going to help us to manifest and draw in new energies, as well as emotions, and feelings which we wish to work with.

Overall, the New Moon in Pisces will be the perfect time to wrap up lost ends, embrace the lessons which have unfolded, as well as plant new seeds for the future that comes.

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