Tonight Is The Taurids Meteor Shower — Get Ready For Super Bright Fireballs!

Tonight Is The Taurids Meteor Shower — Get Ready For Super Bright Fireballs!

taurids meteor shower

Has anyone of you seen the beautiful Orionid meteor shower from a few weeks ago? We think that nowadays, people care more about astrological happenings than ever. It is one of the few things that politics can’t ruin.

So, the good news for you witches and wizards out there is that there is another sky spectacle in your way. The Taurids meteor shower will be visible tonight, in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

But, how can we see it?

We are going to present you with a few specifics which will help you.

This Taurids meteor shower won’t be as consistent or as bright as Orionid was. But says that the few, sporadic bursts of star clusters that you will have the ability to see, are actually worth it. You should think more contained fireballs instead of sparkling groups. We also hope that it will not be very cold outside. Depending on where you live of course. You can spend your last few moments hanging outdoors before the winter truly hits and no one of us will ever want to leave our homes again.

In order to get into the spirit, you can also grab some hot chocolate, or maybe mulled wine. Or if you’re testing out your pre-Thanksgiving batch, and also appreciate the true beauty that our planet Earth gives us.

What does Taurids mean?

As you have probably guessed from its name, the Taurids meteor shower comes from the constellation of Taurus. It is named after this constellation, at the exact location where you can map out the Taurus constellation in the sky. This will be particularly interesting, especially after having a full moon in Taurus. This will bring out spiritual properties in those people that may usually be non-believers.

Taureans are actually a classic Earth sign. They feel really connected to the elements and those who are around them. However, they are notoriously stuck in their ways. So if there is a lack of compromise causing a stir in your friendships or relationships, you can then go ahead and blame the moon. If you feel like you own the energy of Taurus, you should try lighting some incense or sage around your home. Also, think about what negative energies you need to clean.

Where will the shower be visible?

There are Taurids showers in both the northern and southern hemispheres. According to, the Taurids will peak tonight in the northern hemisphere. However, in the southern hemisphere Taurid shower peaked in October, around the same time as this one. However, it will still be somehow visible tonight. It will be slightly more difficult to find the shower itself. Unlike the Orionid shower, which was visible around 1 a.m., astronomers are suggesting that we should look for this meteor shower just before daylight. As well as at times when the moon will be at the least visible.

Whether or not you see anything at all, is totally a gamble, thanks to the small number of meteoroids. recommends that you should be prepared to look for the Taurids for a while. Also, remember that the meteor shower originates from  Taurus constellation. Because of this, you should familiarize yourself with the constellation ahead of time. You will have the ability to spot it more easily when it counts.

Honestly, if you live in a city, this is probably not worth it, but if you live out in the country, or maybe in some relatively low-lit area, this site could definitely be unforgettable. If all else fails, you can also catch in the next year, don’t worry, as Taurids appear every November.

So, we wish you happy meteor hunting! [Image Credit]

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