Tonight Is The Most Magical New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Unexpected Miracles!

Tonight Is The Most Magical New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Unexpected Miracles!

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The New Moon in Virgo is almost here, kicking off on August 30, 2019. It’s the perfect time for new inspirations, new projects, and getting your life organized. It’s the right time for changing some overplayed or outworn aspects of your life.

The New Moon happening this Friday falls in close proximity to Mercury, Venus, and Mars which will only add to this one-of-a-kind experience being all in Virgo.

Mars stands for energy, action, motivation, and getting things done, representing the sacred masculine. It is the strongest energy that will surround the August’s New Moon, offering us all of this and more.

August’s New Moon will help us recharge and get motivated to start or speed up a project we want to get off the ground. It’ll simply help us push things along.

However, we should be mindful and avoid acting on our impulses around this New Moon because Mars’ energy can also be quite impatient and quick to anger.

Luckily, Mercury will be here to temper some of this energy and remind us that we need to think before we say things we might regret later, and to look before we leap.

August’s New Moon allows us to tap into this wonderful Mercury energy that can help us realize what we want in life, especially in areas that have felt uncertain or cloudy for a long time.

The presence of Venus will bring loving and creative vibration that makes this period romantic and perfect for adding a spark to our relationship, or for meeting new people if we are single.

Those of you who want to strengthen your relationship, know that the Universe is on your side during the New Moon period because it’ll help you soften things and see things from a new perspective. Although both partners should take part in this, you have pretty good chances to strengthen your struggling relationship.

This August’s New Moon is all about energy, but it flows smoothly.

In fact, it’s the perfect way to wrap up the high vibrational energies offered throughout the whole month of August.

This month has given you a chance to turn things around, so make sure you take a small action under this August’s New Moon if you’ve been feeling a little stuck, or resistant to change, or if you’re feeling like you could use some fresh motivation or inspiration in your life, and in that way seal this incredible energy into your life.

We are the ones who need to take and integrate the energy offered by the cosmos into our being. Only in that way we can make the most out of this energy which only exists as a potential until we make the first move.

The Virgin Goddess is Virgo’s totem that will offer us support and comfort during this New Moon in Virgo, regardless of our gender.

The Virgin Goddess is a time for standing in our truth and time of independence. It’s the ideal time to get organized and consider our health as one of our top priorities.

How do we use our time and energy to support the life or vision we wish to create?

How to make the things that really matter, like our health, our priority?

Think about it and spend some time, maybe 10 minutes, to look up for answers to these questions and get inspiration.

The earthy New Moon in August will remind us of the benefits of being rather than doing. We need to take a break from our busy lifestyle to just breathe and allow ourselves to be.

Being rather than doing means allowing ourselves to be aware of the present and alive in each moment rather than being lost in our thoughts. We shouldn’t be our mind or thoughts, but the one who listens and observes them.

Try to recognize the observer within and not identify with every thought that crosses your mind under this New Moon. It’ll help you bring more presence and awareness into your life.

You can do this with the help of meditation. Start with 10 minutes a day, and see how it works for you.

The high energy August ends up with the harmonious New Moon in Virgo, so make sure you use the energy it offers to set your intentions and take what you need as you deserve all the joy, love, health, happiness, and abundance the Universe has to offer.


By Tanaaz via  Forever Conscious

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