Tonight Is The Most Transformative New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Rebirth!

Tonight Is The Most Transformative New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Rebirth!

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The brightest, as well as the lightest and most emotional parts of this year, have passed.

Samhain, known among people like Halloween, marked the opening of The Void. This opportunity will hold and carry us all the way through to Yule, or the Winter Solstice at the end of the year.

Time for the dissolution, as well as the release of old ways, will make way for the new coming of 2020.

These dark themes running through our worlds until the end of the year can feel pretty daunting. But don’t be afraid — the Cosmos brings us a powerful gift to ease our path through the darkness.

The process of cleaning, integration, and release during this dark period will be amplified with the New Moon that follows, along with your innate manifesting power. It is because you unearth a lot of gifts and talents which you will never knew you had.

How to make the most out of this New Moon?

A lot of the robust framework and beliefs that you have in this year are about to be blown up.

The energetic pulse that the entire Universe has will shift as a new era. If you are still holding onto any habits, patterns, as well as energies which you are not serving your highest self, the transition can feel chaotic, stressful, and challenging.

But, thanks to the powerful cosmic configuration which will happen between now and the close of the year, we will have a rare opportunity to shed our old skin. A chance to reconnect with the real “we” and prepare for our incredible prosperity in 2020. Here are five things which you should do immediately to make the most of this influential period:

1. Lovingly let go.

People, as well as places, objects, projects, plans, ideas or dreams, may all start to want to go out of your life. You should notice what you want to do. It will feel like it does not belong in your life. Notice what contradictions will arise in your awareness, as well as any beliefs and thoughts that you are holding which do not align with your reality anymore.

You should also give them thanks and then leave them. If there is something triggering you, either makes you angry, irritated, as well as upset, then you may have an inner work to do.

2. Welcome the unknown.

The dark emptiness that The Void has is actually a fertile ground. This is a time of the year when anything can exist in energetic, as well as in thought-form without having to take root. So, you should allow yourself to dream. Open yourself to any new directions in life. Another great way to do this is by going over your current intentions or goals by closing your eyes and imagining it coming true.

3. Surrender to transformation.

This period will bring a rapid release, as well as ascension. But you shouldn’t be working hard either. It is not a state of being that you will reach when you have studied for X number of hours. Or maybe read X numbers of books. It is actually a natural flow and cycle of the Universe which, if forced, could work against you. During this time, you should recognize anything that comes up for you. Accept and surrender to the transformation.

4. Have courage and release fear.

During this time, it is very likely that high emotions will rise to the surface. You may also become a channel for emotions that are even not yours. Let them flow in your body and mind. But be very careful not to anchor them into your being, through the blame and judgment. You should also believe in your calling, as well as visions. Defend them fiercely, against people who will want to follow their path instead.

5. Deeply nourish your body and mind

During such a potent period, we may not be aware of the potency of the energetic codes which steam through our bodies. They are opening and restructuring us on levels that we may not feel. But, it is real, and it is happening. So, limit your exposure to too much external stimulation, such as TV, radio, advertising or some other manipulative media on that day. All of these will hinder the soul-level work which is being done for you, as well as by you, at this pivotal time. You should look for guidance and wisdom which will feed your soul.


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