Trapped Parrot On Roof Tells Firefighters To “F Off” When They Try To Rescue Her

Trapped Parrot On Roof Tells Firefighters To “F Off” When They Try To Rescue Her


Firefighters are here to protect us, animals, our properties, and the environment from the dangers of fire and other troubles on a daily basis, and we can’t thank them enough for everything they do.

But, one Macaw parrot may not share the same opinion with most of us. Apparently, the parrot named Jessie was trapped on a roof for three consecutive days in Edmonton, London. People feared it wasn’t able to come down because of an injury, which is why they called for help from the London Fire Brigade.

However, the parrot wasn’t too happy when the rescue team appeared on the roof to help her. The owners and the RSPCA were concerned about the welfare of the parrot so they contacted the firefighters to get her down from the roof.

Animal experts instructed the Firefighters crew to help bond with the bird by saying, “I love you.”

Chris Swallow, the Watch Manager at the London Fire Brigade, was at the scene, describing the whole situation. Apparently, the volunteer to go up the ladder on top of the house to rescue the parrot was the crew manager himself.

Even though the parrot responded “I love you” to the volunteer, the rescue team noticed that she was also swearing the whole time. You can imagine how surprised they were to hear the F-word from someone they were trying to rescue. But, this was a bird so it was kind of funny.

The team tried to convince Jessie to get down in all of the languages she speaks, English, Greek, and Turkish. But, the parrot ignored all the attempts and stayed on the roof.

Soon, the team saw Jessie flying off to another roof, and then to a tree, realizing she was uninjured and well. It turned out Jessie wasn’t that grumpy after all, and she was safe and sound when she finally reunited with her concerned owner.

The Watch Manager at the London Fire Brigade advises people to call the RSPCA first whenever they notice an animal in distress or stuck. They will call the firefighters only if they need help from their professional teams and equipment.

The owner of Jessie sent the rescue team a video with the parrot to thank them for their assistance.


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