Undiscovered Money: 4 Places to Find It!

Undiscovered Money: 4 Places to Find It!

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our undiscovered money

Do you have secret money you don’t know about? Undiscovered money is something that may surprise most of us.

We go to work, we dislike our jobs, we work 5-7 days a week, we come home tired, stressed, and frustrated, and we dread the fact that we have to do it all over again tomorrow. We do this to make ends meet, pay our bills, plan for tomorrow (if there’s enough leftover for that), pay down our debt, and, we hope, buy things we want.

Too many of us are slaves to our jobs. We rely on this income to live, to function, to survive. But is this all there is? Isn’t there a realistic source of money elsewhere? Yes, there is, but it’s not from taking a chance on winning the lottery or discovering an inheritance from a long-lost aunt we didn’t even know about!

Many of us don’t realize that undiscovered money is surprisingly right under our noses. This blog may validate what most of us already know and intrigue the rest of us. Either way, we should all be quite happy to know that undiscovered money is more abundant than we think, and it may be our new key to success!

1. Our secret talents.

Many of us have some sort of talent or skill that we pride ourselves on. Maybe we could be painters or writers. Or maybe we’re intuitive or heart-centered individuals. We love having these wonderful gifts, but we didn’t realize that we could actually supplement our income with these skills.

Have we ever thought of taking our artwork down to the local Sunday market, renting a vendor’s table (usually for a very small fee), and selling our work? Well, we certainly can!

Writers: rejoice! We can actually make money online writing for other blogs. Many websites look for ghostwriters. The pay may not be high, but it’s something, and we’ll finally be getting a paycheck for doing what we have a passion for.

So let’s take our talent to the next level. It’s time to monetize it as our undiscovered money!

2. Volunteering anyone?

Do we have a passion for animals or seniors? Maybe we like to be around children or less fortunate people. If we have time to volunteer, the possibility of that leading to something more is totally in our own hands. Many volunteers get hired part-time to work at the organization they’ve been volunteering at for so long. We volunteer with love, but when we do things from love, sometimes blessings and abundance show up. So be open to new ideas and miracles.

our undiscovered money

We may also discover that volunteering in an organization is something we love more than our actual jobs. Many governments offer grants to return to school or to pursue a different career path. These grants can lead us finally to do something we actually love and perhaps even lead us to make better money than we make now. Indeed, volunteering might become our undiscovered money!

3. Gift cards galore.

How many of us have gift cards that we simply never used and never will use because they’re from our least favorite stores or stores we’ll never frequent anyway? Sell them! Why are we hanging on to them? Indeed, some of us probably have $200 in gift cards sitting in a desk drawer that we simply forgot about. So if no one around us wants those gift cards, we can sell them online. Look for a buy-and-sell site locally.

And speaking of gifts, did we get something as a gift that we don’t like and will never use? Sell it! The people who bought us those gifts most likely forgot about them anyway. So let’s sell them and get something we really want, or put the money in savings for a vacation. And if the givers do remember, they’ll be happy that we did something useful with the money.

4. Learn something new.

There are many different things we can learn in courses, either online or at a local library, that are either free or very low cost. Many of these courses are part-time. So let’s fit them into our schedule. Is there something we’ve always wanted to learn how to do? Take a course in it. That could end up being one of the most lucrative things we’ve ever done in the long run.

Sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zone is necessary in order to grow, learn, and become more prosperous. Don’t be afraid to evolve and expand.

Undiscovered money is right under our noses. So let’s open our eyes and our minds to the endless possibilities that await us.

Prosperity, here we come!

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