How Amazing an Unexpected Friendship Can Be.

How Amazing an Unexpected Friendship Can Be.

unexpected friendship

To be real, I am not the very social type of a person. Even the people that I know, I keep at a distance. Those who think they know me, are fooled. Of course, I am kind and polite to everyone, yet I am not into pretending like there is a connection where there clearly isn’t. But when that time comes, and I connect with someone, I get super-excited.

I just click without trying, without pretending. It happens, or it doesn’t. What determines a friend in my mind is the first impression. For others, it may be the reason of how long they know each other or what experiences they share, but no, not for me. For me, the first impression and what my intuition says is what matters most. I may know you for two days, but I may feel like I have known you forever. This is why my group of friends is small, and the group of the ones I consider closer is even smaller.

In the experiences I have had until now I’ve met some really remarkable persons who I may call friends. I met them in very different places and very different ages.

I love the thrill of an unexpected friendship. It is so pure and honest.

Don’t get me wrong. I love meeting new people. But what I hate, are forced conversations. Also, small and meaningless talks — they give me anxiety, and I try to avoid them as much as possible.

I just want to meet people with stories, people that are honest and people that will have the courage to open up to me. This is when a beautiful and unexpected relationship is born.

As strong as I may appear, I am a very emotional person, and I seek for special moments where you notice and feel the spark of an unexpected friendship. I strive to meet other people and get to know their real selves in different places and different times in life.

I want to share my feelings and my stories with real people that want to listen. I want to let ourselves know each other without holding anything back.

I love friendships, yet I hate meaningless talks. So if you want to speak about the weather, I am not the person. I am the one if you want to share your soul with and open up with real honesty and purity. If you connect with me, then we will be friends. If you don’t, just don’t force it.

We have so much to learn from other people, so many stories to experience by their telling — we just need to find them — the real ones. But when you do, you will experience the magic an unexpected friendship can do.


Image Credit: The four sisters best friends bridesmaid by Claudia Tremblay

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