Ways That Reiki Reprograms Us To Be More Positive.

Ways That Reiki Reprograms Us To Be More Positive.

Reiki Reprograms Us

Reiki, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… just like the potential of this energetic medicine, the number of reasons why I love this universal life force energy is infinite. The number of benefits that this ancient Japanese healing modality brings the physical, mental, and emotional state of being is endless. As we continue to develop as masters of lives, the golden key to unlocking the highest divinity within ourselves is mastering the mind. Our thoughts determine our emotions and actions. Our emotions and actions then determine the output we are generating in the world, and we are receiving back what we put out into the world. That is why working with Reiki is so helpful in clearing our vibrational field and setting ourselves to see through the lens of high vibrational truth – love, acceptance, beauty, and abundance.

A healthy mind is crucial for living in a state of optimal wellness. Reiki helps us shift back into seeing the positive in things and attract those things are coming from our highest alignment. We can trust in the flow of this energy helping bring the outcomes of the highest greatest good of all. After a Reiki session or living with Reiki attunements – we begin to notice how much easier it is to have positive thoughts and see the good in things. In the words of the great poet Rumi, “what you seek is seeking you”. Meaning whatever you are thinking about and believe is coming in the future, is what is going to arrive to show itself. Therefore, let us love ourselves and our conscious creations with the highest heart and faith of the beauty of all things occurring and manifest from our hearts!

Reiki Brings Us Into Alignment With Divine Truth

When working with Reiki, we allow the all-knowing and loving energy move through and cleanse the energy bodies bringing us back closer to alignment with our highest truth. When in alignment, we can remember the beauty and magic that all of life is- including ourselves! The fact that we are alive experiencing this Earthly experience is an absolute miracle…Reiki helps us return back to this knowing.

Our Principles Keep Us Centered, Grateful, & Peaceful

During a level 1 reiki attunement, a student learns the foundation of living Reiki as a lifestyle. I emphasize this as a lifestyle more than just something we learn and call upon. We also learn the morning practice that we do daily and receive an attunement to be able to access the energy when called upon; this will also raise the baseline frequency of those who are attuned. Much more about frequency and how we truly raise it and how to master that process in future blogs. For now, I’d love to dial back into the principles that we learn and live by in Reiki. These principles allow us to be able to stay in our center in and in a state of devotion to the source of light and love running through us and from us. The Reiki principles we live by are:

Just for today, I do not worry.

Just for today, I do not anger

I honor my parents, teachers, and elders

I make my living honestly

I show gratitude for everything

Reiki Increases Our Ability To Appreciate Everything.

As one of our main principles we live by, the Reiki way is about being able to find gratitude for everything in our lives. This includes every person, every drop of water, every gift (even if it is disguised as a challenge). When living with a gratitude attitude, our vibration naturally elevates, and we attract even more things to be grateful for. By finding things to be grateful for in our lives, it keeps our minds focused on the positive. Keeping our minds focused on what is going well or what is right is going to help optimize our mental health.

Dwelling on things that have not gone the way we desired, complaining about life, or finding faults in people and dynamics never serves us in getting to the things we truly desire. Everything and everyone are a divine creation and are here to help us all learn and get to where it is that we are meant to be. Reiki helps us let go of the doubt, judgement, and negative patterns that are being held onto and be washed away with light.

Reiki is a beautiful energy medicine that is available for anyone to receive and learn. It is a wonderful alternative to other medicines for depression and anxiety that cause more physical harm in the long run. Release the fear, release the emotions, release the shadows… step into the light.


Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by SDS)/By Detelina Petkova

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