We Are Souls in Human Space Suits — our Souls are Immortal.

We Are Souls in Human Space Suits — our Souls are Immortal.


My human body will die and so will yours, but our souls are immortal. 

All of us have been given this opportunity to enjoy this life, this version of reality and experience all that we could. We’ve been given an adventure.

We each have a separate destiny that we must live out. A few of us are aware of this reality but many of us are not.

I am blessed to be awakened, as are many others. We were sent here to assist and guide others who are fighting a losing battle against the darkness.

We were sent to guide those who desperately wish for it. We were sent to guide even those who don’t know they need it.

In this universe, we are all connected. We feel each other’s pain and joy. We give what we receive. Unfortunately, life is often difficult and soon enough we find it a struggle to just hold on to your humanity.

We’ve had to live this way since we were young and so we early on are taught to hide ourselves, to be scared of who are really are. This affects every single decision we make.

We are forced to keep our true selves buried in the very depths of our being. And through it all, the darkness is always seeking to find new ways to control human beings and make them stray from the light.

But we do know the truth. We know that a new day will dawn and it will be bright and golden, powerful enough to give strength to our souls despite the darkness.

This is the ultimate truth and no power in the universe can alter it or try to prevent it from happening. It will outshine any falsehood we’ve been fed to make us believe that there is no other way.

The light will always defeat the darkness and the darkness is not unaware of this. So, it does it’s best to ensure that we are blind to this knowledge.

But we are not so easily conquered and one day the light will come and we will shine brighter than a thousand suns.


Image Credit: Sachiding

Via Soul Travel Rules

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