If You’re Lucky Enough To Find A Weirdo, Never Let That Weirdo Go.

If You’re Lucky Enough To Find A Weirdo, Never Let That Weirdo Go.


Do you have a lover that is crazy and weird? All they want to do are the most daring and unusual things which any sane person would not do at all. The most bizarre ideas come to the mind of your lover.

If this is the case, it means that you are the luckiest person.

These type of people are brave and honest enough to be who they are. This world is full of people that regularly pretend to be something that they are not, because of the rules of the society. So, if you meet someone who’s being themselves and opening up to the world, keep that person close.

A person that embraces the child inside and is not afraid to be weird is an extraordinary person. You should never let go of them.

How will you know if you have found a weirdo?

That person will be unlike anyone that you have met before. A splash of color which will pain your white canvas. They will pull you towards them like a magnet, with their attractive personality. You will never have the ability to get enough fun when you are with someone like that. They see the things around them with a different eye, so you will notice some things that you have never even thought of. With them, there’s no way to be bored. They may annoy you at times, but you cannot stay away from them.

Keep that person close — they are precious.

1. A weirdo never repeats a fight.

If you are with a weirdo, you can be sure that you will have fights now and then. But they will never be about the same thing. Everything will be new each day in your relationship. Each argument will have a different reason.

2. Weirdo does not expect anything specific from relationships.

Your weird partner will accept anything coming their way. They go with the flow of life, so they will sail through the relationship and go where it is taking them.

3. They will bring out the crazy in you.

You think that you know yourself well? Wait for it. They have the weird ability to pull out your hidden crazy side. They can transform you into a whole new person, as well as show you your true self.

4. Weirdo cannot ever be replaced.

After you have got the taste of being with this type of person, anyone that comes next will seem boring.

5. This person will give you all the support.

They will give you the motivation and support to be who you truly want to be. The weirdo will also encourage you to chase your dreams.

6. A weirdo will help you create your world.

Your crazy, weirdo lover will make you realize that what other people say doesn’t matter. He or she will also help you create your world, where only you and your opinions matter.

7. Weirdo encourages your hidden ideas.

Have you ever had some idea which you thought that was too weird and thus threw the trash? Your weirdo won’t allow that. They will also push you to chase those dreams that you thought were insane.

8. A weirdo will transform you into a weirdo.

They will do anything to explore that crazy side of you. The side which you have kept hidden from the world will finally come out. You just have to open up and be yourself.

9. Together with weirdo comes drama.

Sometimes, they are too much to handle. But, it will always be worth it. They will become the spices, as well as colors of your life.

10. They teach you to take things easy.

These people will teach you how to have fun in life and not take everything too seriously. Take it easy and laugh about things. You will learn to see the brighter side of life.

11. Best sex you’ll ever have: with a weirdo!

They are crazy-minded, and nothing will stop them. Open to fun ideas, they will intoxicate you with their confidence in bed.

By now, you know; how valuable you weirdo partner is. Do not ever lose them go, as they are extraordinary human beings.

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Source/Inspired: Elite Daily

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