Welcome to February — get Ready for a Massive Cosmic Shift!

Welcome to February — get Ready for a Massive Cosmic Shift!

February 2019

January has been one of brand new beginnings. It was marked by two quite intense Eclipses, together with their energies moving forward, motivating us to follow our dreams.

With the beginning of the new month, February, we will still feel just like we try to understand the direction of this year and where it will lead us.

We will still feel the energies from the Blood Moon Eclipse of January, while we are moving through the new month. However, somewhere before the end, the effects are going to fade.

As it is the second month of each year, February signifies partnership, duality, or even joining forces with other people. It will carry the themes of partnership and duality, helping us to keep building the foundation leading towards our higher paths.

There is going to be a New Moon, happening on February the 4th, falling in Aquarius. The gorgeous phase of the Moon will bring welcome relief, particularly since January’s Blood Moon Eclipse.

It will also be the best one in 2019, being attached with abundance and optimism. We will definitely feel the spirits inside us lifted and helpful for the things our future stored for us.

The Universe will support us, making us feel how lightness is moving around us.

The February New Moon will also be innovative and encourage us to get out of our zones of comfort.

There will be promises or opportunities brought with it too, so we need to do our best, set our intentions, get clear about our desires, and don’t feel afraid to step ahead.

There is going to be another notable and beautiful event during this month, happening on February the 18th, and it is the shift of Chiron in the sign of Aries. Without a doubt, this will be an enormous cosmic shift which will open new cycles of awakening and changes for every one of us.

On that same day, there will also be a shift of the Sun into Pisces, the last Zodiac sign. In fact, this is going to be an indication that we start wrapping lessons and themes up, the ones we worked on since last year from March.

Then, on the 19th of February, we are going to witness the Super Full Moon happening in Virgo. It will be a powerful Full Moon which is going to help us realize where we are now. Also, it is going to make health problems surface.

Health problems could also be brought to light during the Full Moon period, so when something troubles us, this lunar phase is going to help us in drawing the needed information to surface.

So, February is definitely going to be an excellent period for focusing on self-care and self-love, so the coming Full Moon in Virgo is going to make sure that we do simply that.

When we don’t look after our needs, we will be able to feel the wake-up call of the Full Moon, which means that we have to pay better attention to every sign or clue from our Universe or take the needed rest.

The month that comes will be the uplifting one through which we may keep going ahead full of confidence. There are still no planets going retrograde, so that is going to fuel the momentum and keep people motivated and on track.

Remember that when you listen to the wisdom inside you and look after your body, mind, and soul, you will have the ability to do a lot more than you can imagine.


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