What’s Harder, Staying at Home with Kids or Going to Work?

What’s Harder, Staying at Home with Kids or Going to Work?

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Kids are our pride and joy. They are sweet little bundles of joy sent by the Universe. They make us learn what true love, happiness, and affection is. At, least that’s what most people think.

On the other hand, they know how to drive us nuts like no one else can. Staying at home to look after them can be harder than going to work and doing a hectic job. They can drain our energy being very demanding, especially newborns.

We do love them unconditionally, but that doesn’t relieve the everyday stress that comes with trying to please them – feeding, singing to sleep, soothing, bathing, powdering, changing, cooing, playing, and gagging, all day without a break. All parents know this, especially stay-at-home moms and dads with many kids.

While many of them don’t complain about running around all day to please their little ones, some people are wondering what can be so difficult in staying at home with their kids? People don’t think what these parents have to do all day without any breaks when they judge them. Even though complaining won’t solve anything, it’s normal to do it once in a while. And, when these parents do that, they should be taken seriously.

While some parents that work spend a day or two with their kids, others can’t wait to get back to their jobs.

AVEENO Baby UK Survey

According to a UK survey conducted by AVEENO® Baby, staying at home with kids is a lot more stressful to many people than going to work. Researchers had a sample of 1,500 parents from around the country, some of them being stay-at-home parents while others working different types of jobs.

Here are the results of the survey:

  • 40% said that they stopped judging parents who complained a lot after having their own first kid.
  • 31% said that staying at home with kids causes higher levels of stress than going to work.
  • 25% agreed that having a baby is not difficult.
  • 55% agreed that having a baby is a difficult job even with a strong support.
  • 45% of moms said that the self-help books and National Childbirth Trust (NCT) classes weren’t enough and that they wouldn’t make it without their mothers’ advice.
  • 39% of moms and dads felt they are exhausted.
  • 27% said they are under pressure to be the ideal mom or dad.
  • 71% of parents agreed that social media made parents compete against each other in parenthood.
  • 22% said they are concerned about the eating habits of their newborns.
  • 9% said they are concerned about the sleep patterns of their kids.

Regardless of all this, 42% concluded that the first time they felt unconditional love was when they had their first child.

Here’s what Rebecca Bennett, Aveeno Baby Skin expert, reported for The Sun:

Becoming a parent is an amazing experience, but we understand that entering this new chapter of life can also bring with it a great deal of stress and worry, so we wanted to discover more about what new parents experience in the first few years, what they wish they had known and how best we can support them.

The bottom line is, taking care of our kids may be the most difficult job we ever had to do, but it’s also the only job in the world that can make us forget that we’re exhausted. All it takes is to look at their eyes, heart-warming smiles, soft bums, tiny feet, and soft hair to forget about everything. Still, there are moments when we want to just run away as fast as we can. The next moment, however, we are holding our little one in our arms, kissing them in their cloud-like hair.

It happens every time.


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