11 Surprising Reasons We Feel Tired.

11 Surprising Reasons We Feel Tired.

why you feel tired

Once we’ve learned 11 reasons why we feel tired, we’ll stop having to press the snooze button on our alarm.

But why do we feel so tired that we need those few extra minutes of rest? What’s messing up our energy and mood? While answering these questions, we’ll find some easy solutions to the problem and also some not-so-obvious causes!

1. Start waking up earlier.

It happens to all of us: staying in bed after waking, getting the last few seconds of rest before we jump up and get ready for the day in a hurry while leaving a huge mess behind. I found that habit counterproductive, so now when my alarm clock goes off in the morning, I get out of bed, stand up, and then turn my alarm off.

Going to bed early lets us wake up more easily. And a study from 2008 from Harvard University found that morning people deal better with problems and general tasks than night owls. So the next time you’re tempted by that snooze button, remember that using it might be one of the reasons you feel tired during the day.

2. Toxic people.

There are toxic people around us almost everywhere. They’re always crying and complaining. Let’s beware who we let into our lives! Toxic people not only affect us emotionally but also drain us physically. So the next time we ask ourselves why we feel tired, let’s just look around and find which people we need to kick out of our lives. The fix to our tiredness may be as easy as that!

3. Don’t put sex on snooze.

Forget about those excuses like “I’m tired” or “My mind is still at work.” We shouldn’t compromise intimacy. The act of sex makes the body rest better during the night thanks to the prolactin hormone released during orgasms. A good sex life means a more energized body the next day.

4. Magnesium deficiency.

Maybe it sounds weird, but magnesium is a relaxing mineral. According to Dr. Martin Hyman from the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, magnesium improves the effectiveness of sleep and shortens the time needed to fall asleep, giving us longer-lasting sleep. So one of the reasons we feel tired may be that we’re not getting enough magnesium. We should include magnesium-rich foods in our healthy diets: nuts, seeds, beans, avocados, and leafy greens.

5. Why we feel tired at work.

Let’s get real here: how many of us hate our jobs and go to them just to support ourselves and our families? For those in that situation, the routine of waking up each day and going to the job they despise is killing them. The reason they’re tired is simple: they can’t get to sleep easily because of all that stress. It’s time to do something about that.

6. The gym is our number one enemy?

That’s a joke, of course. A healthy lifestyle is not your enemy but just the opposite. Regular exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, the hormones of happiness. If we’re happy, we won’t feel tired during the day. One study says that 120 minutes of exercise per week can help reduce tiredness more than 65%. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go to a gym and sign up for six months. That will motivate our future visits.

7. We don’t get enough sunlight.

Have you noticed how you feel when it’s cloudy or foggy for a couple of days? Waking up is more difficult, and daily routines become dismal chores. Everybody operates in slow mode. On days like that, it’s not just an excuse when our colleagues say they feel tired.

The reason we feel tired then is that the lesser light delays the body in producing its nocturnal melatonin (its natural sleep aid), so we find it harder to fall asleep. We need two hours of daily sunlight to avoid this problem. And sunlight is a free two-in-one package: energy from better sleep, plus Vitamin D (beneficial for fighting diseases).

8. Don’t be a ball of stress.

Many studies have shown that stressed people find it hard to fall asleep. And that’s a bad self-perpetuating cycle. When we don’t get to sleep easily, we shorten our sleeping time, so the next day we are tired and even more stressed. The next night is the same, and the cycle continues. However, there’s no need to stay stressed; let’s put our problems in perspective and work on them.

9. It might be a health issue.

That’s right, and maybe one we’re not even aware of. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, an auto-immune disorder can make us feel tired. Studies show that women are three times more likely to have this issue. The next time we’re asking ourselves why we feel tired even though we’ve fixed the issues mentioned above, we might want to visit our doctor.

10. The bedroom should be our calming sanctuary.

A cluttered, messy bedroom with clothes and papers all over does us no favors for our quality of sleep. Clean it thoroughly, remove things that distract the eyes, dim the lights, and burn some scented candles (lavender, for example). Then we’ll see the difference!

11. Processed foods drain our energy.

We might think we can load up with energy by eating a burger with fries or a huge serving of pasta containing a lot of carbs, but suddenly our energy vanishes. That’s right, and it’s happened to all of us when in our busy lives we go for the quick and easy processed foods. Processed foods drain our energy.

Make a swap: Instead of junk food, eat fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. So next time when we eat a burger, we won’t ask why we feel tired, because now we know the reason!

Now that we have these 11 tips, we can turn our tiredness into triumph!

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  1. Excellent post! These 11 tips are spot on with your energy levels! So many people make the excuse of “not enough time” and then can not realize why they are drained each day. Thanks for the great nuggets!

    1. Thanks, Zach. We can write about them, but if don’t practice them, we haven’t achieved anything. Put them on the wall, on your fridge, anywhere where they can serve as a reminder. Don’t forget to join our newsletter to get real facts and doable steps for your happiest life!

  2. “You are not getting enough sunlight” — I love this.

    When I started going out for walks and spending more time in the sun, I felt a lot better.

    1. Yes absolutely. Always find a moment in the day to go out, take a walk, look at the trees, nature and just take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. You will feel in no time how your energy increases, how your satisfaction level arises.

  3. This is real information and some of them I have discovered and tested myself.

    1. Thank you. Our mission is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self-development and life changing stories to the world. We show you what it takes to become a successful human being.

  4. Great tips! I would also add to follow on from the impact of toxic people – toxic or stress inducing media messages. These have a massive impact on our stress levels whether we realize it or not, especially if we’re constantly “plugged in”.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Pamina. Being so busy with our lives, we don’t realize the significant impact we get from the media. We are so not aware of how that affects our health. But I discovered that meditation is something that helps cleaning your mind from that chaos. Check out my article on this subject: http://www.selfdevelopshop.com/meditation-techniques-for-beginners-secrets-pros-18-easy-steps/, start practicing and believe me, you’ll see the results in no time. Don’t forget to join our newsletter to get real facts and doable steps for your happiest life!

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